aaaand we’re back


Mixed feelings about all of this. Overall, we had a stellar summer. Lots of swimming, play dates, lazy mornings and movie nights. Then we had that horrible fire (which is still not quite out yet, almost a month later) and our town was covered in ash, outside plans were all cancelled, we worried about our friends’ homes and our beautiful recreation areas. Bummer is an understatement. But we snuck in that trip to Texas at the end there and returned 36 hours before dropping the kids off at school. Nailed it.

I’m sure a lot of moms feeling like this- I love the flexibility of summer. But, when school starts again and we return to our normal schedules, it’s such a welcome change. The kids are happier when their brains are being used, when they are stimulated more and when they get to see their friends… I love love love getting to spend one on one time with Thatcher, and I think the kids are happy to see me after school. I’m much more fun when I’m not giving them summer chores and checklists! Not gonna lie, that last month with Lincoln was a little dicey.

The kids both got the teachers they requested this year and were grouped with some of their buddies. Give Linc one of his friends and he is seriously good to go. Isabelle has this cute little group of 4-5 girls that have been together for four years now- she was so worried they were going to be separated. I went to back to school night this week and met the teachers, saw the classrooms… Izzie’s in third grade now and I feel like this is the year things get more serious? They start worrying about test scores, being able to type a certain speed, hand out bigger projects. Makes me a little sad the fun school years are kind of over for her.

The worst part of school is getting up at 6:20. And packing lunches.

The best part is Thatcher is still sneaking in a nap before I have to pickup the big kids. So for a glorious hour, I get to eat lunch and watch a show in peace.

Isabelle, queen of accessories

Of course Thatch wanted in. The first couple of days he was MAD when they left but now he watches from the window and waves and says BYE in the cutest voice ever. 

also sidenote. these potter barn backpacks are going on their second and third year.
worth a little extra money, they still look brand new.

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