utah wrap up

I planned to take the kids to thanksgiving point on Sunday, but SURPRISE everything is closed on Sunday. We ended up driving up to Draper to the aquarium which ended up being way fun, I hadn’t been since it had moved from downtown salt lake and upgraded about a million percent. The thing I liked the most was that every exhibit had a little viewing platform for the little kids to stand on and see- you’d be surprised how many places we have visited aren’t kid friendly! We were there right when it opened and it wasn’t very busy at all, we stayed a couple of hours until it was lunch/naptime. 

Every room, every exhibit, super excited about it.

penguins were a fav

I wish you could zoom in and see their faces.
First petrified, then fun.

not a fan
butterfly! Iz loved this

and linc caught a ladybug, lol.

We were in this room a lot- Isabelle was totally scared but eventually stuck her hand in the tank and then loved it. She wanted to pet all of them. 

the best part of this is the sting ray photo bomb

BLESS THIS BABY. After a quick stop in Cafe Rio (my second of the week, no shame.) we drove back down to Provo. Thatcher fell asleep in the car, TRANSFERRED from the car into the stroller so we could shop around Nordstrom Rack for a bit and the transferred AGAIN back to the car. Had an epic nap. We did some back to school shopping for the kids and picked up a few birthday items. I just love walking into that store because you never know what kind of gems you are gonna find. Always shoes. 

angel puff pie fluff baby
We popped in to see my friend Adrienne- she was my college roommate my freshman year at Chipman Hall 100 floor. We had some hilarious late night shenanigans and there’s hardly a memory from the first few years of school without her in it. Now together we five boys and two girls between us. Years pass between our visits and it’s like no time as passed at all. 

“I once ate these donuts out of the garbage.”
After our visit we went back up to Sandy to see Chip- he was almost busted out of that rehab place! A couple days after we left, he went home. Chip has such a special place in my heart! We spent so much time at their house for Sunday dinner when we were in college. Jazz first met my entire family at their cabin up in Heber (and then got snowed in!). It was at one of those family dinners that Jazz got down on one knee and proposed to me. We are all rooting for him.

Dinner at Zachs

Linc = best day ever.

We got up Monday, piled in the car and drove the 12 hours home. I WILL SAY. I think we managed the trip really well- packed so much in, the kids were really well behaved and helpful since I was flyin solo.  We even had fun! I enjoyed being with them.I did miss my other half, I appreciate what he does for us as a family on vacation (unloading suitcases and hauling everything into the hotel with all the kids was painful.) The drive was smooth! Long day for everyone, Thatcher was pretty over it by the end and the next week or so anytime I put him in the car he had some PTSD. Was still worth it and I’m so glad we went.

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