utah continued

This last minute trip to Utah was primarily to visit Uncle Chip and his family- he is fighting a really nasty form of brain cancer and had been in the hospital unexpectedly. While we were there, we snuck in a quick visit to the Mackay’s on our way down to Provo. They were our first married couple friends in Sandy- they lived in our ward and we went out on some double dates when they had just one cute baby and now they have four! We obviously arranged the future marriage of both of our red head babies- Thatch and Hadley are pretty close in age.

between us, eight kids! (always inclyding my Max)
Uncle Todd was visiting from St. George and we had a quick chat before he had to head out
Draper Temple! This place is special to me and it was fun to drive up the mountain to show the kids. Lincoln did not want to get out for any of our temple pictures, lol. 

We made it down to Provo, fed and bathed the kids and put them down GNITE. This is me eating my dinner in the bathroom because #momlife. I’d eat Noodles and Co anywhere though, those Japanese pan noodles are just real tasty. This was my first time traveling solo with all three kids- everyone did really well but I sure did miss my tag team partner!

On Saturday I took the kids to BYU campus. Truthfully, I hadn’t been back since I graduated in 2008! It looks and smells the same (cougar eat) except everything is totally different- new buildings all over. I took them to the HFAC where I spent a ton of time (also I heard they are tearing it down?) 

I also forced them down to the harp wing! I’m just happy I remembered where it was. Still full of harps!

such a gorgeous day

fudge from the BYU store
while we took this picture, Thatcher dumped out about half a salt shaker on the carpet

We popped into the Life Science Museum and it was PERFECT for the kids, they loved it and it wasn’t too busy. I wish I had filmed Thatcher running room to room with his mouth wide open- WOW he said WOWOW. Favs were giraffe and the peacock.

Linc said he was doing a staring contest

my first true love- creamery chocolate milk

Provo Temple

And the new city center temple! It was so beautiful. And very sunny. 

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  1. Remember when you did this all by yourlsef?!!! #foreverproudCandace


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