deep in the heart of texas

Well in case we needed to do a little more traveling this summer, we made a last minute trip to Laredo. Morgan moved her family from Phoenix to Laredo in June so JR can do his three year residency there, and though it is farther, IT DID NOT STOP US. It’s on the border of Mexico. I’ve been referring to it as Texaco.

Drive to 3 hours to Oakland, fly to San Antonio, drive 2 1/2 hours to Laredo. With the kids because what fun is traveling without bringing half your belongings and three other people to entertain!

The flight was smooth- the kids were really well behaved and had enough activities to keep them happy- there was an extra seat for Thatcher (hallelujah!) and he even napped for an hour and a half in my arms. The kids could hardly wait to see Archer and Margo though and it felt like a long day (probably because it was, in fact, a long day.)

Couple things about Texas in general- people politely address you as “ma’am” and it doesn’t feel offensive. The skies are huge. And it is NEXT LEVEL HOT. I feel like my hometown has a reputation for heat, and we all know I complain about it enough, but it doesn’t even touch the OUTERSPACE FIRE HOT of Texas. Morgan is reading this and rolling her eyes, cause she doesn’t think it’s that hot- she moved from Phoenix so that should let you know why. Anyway, be inside or be in water or be naked somewhere cause those are pretty much your only options. #HUMIDITY.

I digress. The first few days we spent in San Antonio at Sea World and Aquatica. We thought it would be great for the kids to be together and do some fun things and also who doesn’t like seeing whales up close. (Me especially. I think we actually went to Sea World mostly for me.)

Mom immediately bought two whale spray bottles for like one million dollars each and the kids got to work keeping us all “cool.” We saw a bunch of animals and sat through some shows- here’s the thing though. I kept looking for the big glass displays- the big tanks you can sit in front of and watch all the big animals swim. The orcas come right up to the glass (I’m sure it’s not glass but whatevs.) and you can get a really up close view. Orcas, Beluugas, dolphins, you know what I mean. And there were none! In order to see those animals, you had to sit through a show- which we did- but we sat really far up and it’s hard to grasp the scale… anyway. It became a running joke the rest of the day.

We are smiling but inside our souls are melting.
it was still fun tho

late night hotel pizza party


The kids had their swimsuits for the splash pad area but we
were idiots and wore full clothes and it was a very poor decision.

eventually the kids just stripped and ran around in swimsuits.
so hot. this was right when the whale breeched.

my face is melting

bye whales

aquarium over in Discovery Cove. Outside SeaWorld. Lol. 

pretty worn out.

ALRIGHT SO THEN we got smart and the next day decided never to return to sea world but instead do the waterpark. This was sooooo fun and so much cooler- the key is to be nearly naked and be in some sort of water. We took turns taking the big kids on the tall slides (Archer, very brave.) and the littles played in the splash pads and the little slides. Morgan packed lunch for all of us, bless her, and we basically had a paradise day.

you could not pay me enough money to wear one of these costumes in the san antonio heat

aquatica! doesn’t it look so fun!


it’s hard to have bangs and swim but also look at my lil ginger

happiest kids.

so happy!

Fitz you yummy round baby !

this was right before we left and basically everyone cried.

on the way from the play area to the car, Thatcher fell asleep like this. totally out cold. 
very excited about this souvenir from cracker barrel 

Would I visit SeaWorld again? Def not. I feel like writing a yelp review or something. But we would go back to aquatica- we did a day and a half there and could have stayed longer! The kids love to be together, and honestly they just loved whatever they were doing.

Couple fun things I wanted to remember: Isabelle did the big toilet bowl tube ride with me and we loved it but I also thought I was going to die a little bit. My legs were sore the next day from climbing all the stairs! lol. The kids had dippin dots and I don’t think they had ever had them before- it was awesome. Thatcher was pretty happy just to slosh around and sit on all the water toys. Lincoln did any ride he was tall enough for- even this crazy lay-down-on-the-mat one. This would be such a place to come with the kids are a little big older and could just go off on their own! They barely needed us.

 After our second day at the waterpark, we packed up and drove 2 1/2 hours to Laredo to Morgan’s house….and that will be part two.

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