the streets of laredo

Not really the streets more like the nice subdivision where my sister and her family live. We got to spend a couple of days hanging out, going to church, eating a lot of tacos, and polishing off krispy kremes. BEST EVER.

the sky!

just some early morning legos in matching jams.
On Saturday we got everyone ready and Morgan took us to this imports place. It’s all outdoors- just huge piles and crates as far as the eye can see filled with the most amazing things. Furniture Holiday decorations. Wooden bowls. Giant wooden bowls. Farmhouse stuff. Metal everything. Window panes. Corbels. It was mind blowing. We did some really fun shopping, the kids got all dirty and eventually we piled them all in morgans car to corral them until we were finished! This place was legendary. We we talk about it forever.

just a lil snuggle with a show

they have an aquarium in their front room.
everyone was happy about that

one year and one day apart

Is this the greatest thing you’ve ever seen? Poor Morgan was out there nailing in stakes and climbing to the top to attach the water hose… it was like a billion degrees out! The kids LOVED this so much, they are still talking about how fun it was.

just wanted to man the water gun

pre church-legos

On Sunday we went to the little church branch there and helped with primary. Morgan is basically tap dancing for two hours- getting substitute teachers, making sure the nursery is covered, leading song time and entertaining kids without a pianist. Directly after church she cooked a giant dinner for all us plus four missionaries! She is for sure getting into heaven.

Monday we sadly drove back to San Antonio to fly home. The kids all cried when we had to say goodbye- sweet Margo was just bawling. MARGO I LOVE YOU. I wish I had taken more pictures of the kids together, and I don’t even think I got one with Morgan… I guess that’s what happens when you have a bunch of kids and you are trying to keep everyone happy and busy and alive. I’m so glad we were able to squeeze this trip in before school started! 

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