Five weeks in and so far we have all survived! I love summer. But I will say that summer is NO JOKE. By the time I sit down at night usually around 8 or 8:30, I’ve been on the clock for 14 hours. a lot of the time it’s without a break or any real alone time, CONSTANT VIGILANCE. Lol. I find that I have to have a schedule to maintain my sanity. Play dates are wonderful, getting out of the house is key, and doing all my grocery shopping at night works well. Once I even got a baby sitter in the middle of the week just so I could run errands without the kids! Sometimes you just gotta do it.

So far the theme of the summer is SWIM. Swim ery’day. We have this little junior swim team again this year, almost every morning for an hour. We get up, do our chores (kids have a little dry erase checklist) and get out of the house. From 10-12 is our busy time, whatever activity we have planned for the day, and then Thatcher goes down for his nap after that. Hallelujah. Sometimes the kids have quiet time in their room so I can eat lunch in peace. Sometimes they watch a show. It’s surprisingly still pretty busy!

Things I love about summer: I don’t have to wake up super early and rush to get lunches made and kids out the door. As we know, mornings are not my forte. I also love the low pressure schedule, I definitely cook less and eat substantially more hotdogs. The kids play so hard that by 7 pm they are pretty tired and pass out quickly. I also have less laundry since we mostly wear swimsuits. I love that I get to spend more time with my big kids during summer even if they make me tired. It’s super hot now (105-110) so if we aren’t in the water, we aren’t outside. Lots of science experiments, trips to the library, buckets of toys, crafts, movies, etc.

We’ve been to the lake a bunch, had play dates at our house, play dates at Grandma’s house, spent time with out cousins, been up to McCloud for a big hike. I keep up on my Instagram (@miccolene) pretty well- I keep wondering what will happen to the whole blog thing when Instagram is so much easier and quicker. I love being able to go back and read about our family memories on here, so even if they are few and far between, I’m going to keep going.

golden hour at the lake

most recent dance recital. maybe my favorite one ever!

accurately describes his energy level

meeting baby samuel! grandbaby #18

Burley’s maiden voyage

loved it

swim, all the time swim

no one has more patience than Isabelle

just a quick stop to see Max. Thatch is zoomin a car around.


Happy Anniversary- #10! Tacos and flowers, it’s like he knows me.

living her best life.

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