Lake days.

We endure blistering hot summers here for a few reasons- one of which is that there are several lakes conveniently located about twenty minutes from our front door. Throw a boat into the mix and we will probably never move away! The kids totally love being on the lake- tubing or even just swimmin around! I have to say, Thatcher in a tiny life jacket signing “more” when the boat stops is pretty freaking cute. 
We usually pack a picnic, which always tastes better on the boat. We had a yellow searay when I was a kid- a family boat- and we spent every Saturday out on the lake. We would come home so exhausted and a little sunburned and they are some of my most favorite family memories. Seeing my kids out on the tubes, with their little legs flying around, my dad driving them around the lake, eating mom’s chocolate chip cookies, wiping cheeto fingers with wipees. Things I want to remember. 

Iz and Jazz

waving at the tubers. I mean. Seriously.

Thatch isn’t super into floating.

he prefers to chill here. rough life

Occasionally, we head to the other lake, to Brandy Beach, where there is just a hint of sand and a shallow beach area perfect for the kids to swim in. 

waving at anything that moves

Linc is swimming with the board, Izzie is up on that big platform

She’s just the best big sister and he loves her so much for it.

the boys worked on bringing up this log for like an hour

Baby on a jetski

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