school’s out for the summer. (well. pretend this isn’t a month late.)


No, I’m just reallllllllllly behind.

Here’s a couple things from the end of school that I want to remember.

Linc finished Kindergarten this year with Mrs. Kikut. We MAJOR LOVE Mrs. Kikut and are sad to grow out of her class- she’s just the best. Lincoln got like ten inches taller. (Or maybe that just what it feels like to me?) Linc is like Mr. Social. He knows everyone- says hi to people from school when we are out and about which just cracks me up. His favorite things about school were recess and field trips. I got to teach them music once a week and I’m always amazed how much they learn! They are smart and remember from week to week- I got to know a lot of his little friends which was really fun.

last day of music!
I don’t know why this is blurry, bc it’s not on my photo viewer? blogger is failing me!
Isabelle finished up second grade and is excited for third! I hear this is where the homework gets serious and I’m not terribly excited about that. Sweet, sweet Isabelle- she is so kind and so helpful in the classroom. Her favorite subjects are art ALL DAY EVERYDAY. And maybe science- she likes to learn about animals. She really liked her teacher and worked hard in class. Isabelle has a group of four or five girls that have been in the same class for four years now and they are so sweet together! 

Can you believe how different in just a year!

this was from career day the last week of school
Isabelle wants to be a horse trainer
Lincoln wants to be a professional baseball player.
A close second place to “Ninja Trainer” which wasn’t quite school appropriate.

Now just about a month until school starts again. Actually exactly a month. I feel like summer used to be longer? School started after labor day? I don’t get it. Anyway, pretty soon we will be packing lunches and gathering school supplies and I’ll miss these summer days.

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