more yosemite.

I’m really failing at keeping up with my life! I’m doing my best and that’s all I can do right now. There are SO many fun things happening with our family- things the kids do and oh man if you could see Thatcher in real life you would just eat him alive. It’s hard to capture all of that in a blog that I update twice a month. Instagram is the new blog. 30 second clips of video and twice a week updates with short paragraphs…. that’s about what I can handle right now! HOWEVER. I refuse to let the blog die. I will persevere so someday I can have this made into a book, even if it’s only 10 pages per year. lol. (If instagram is your thing- my name on there is @miccolene)
Moving on- part two of Yosemite. Our third day we learned our lesson and left for the valley very early to beat the rush of people. We were rewarded with a nearly empty Bridal Veil Falls parking lot and scenic view. 

Linc and Margo

just living our best lives that day

After that we headed over to famous camp 4. I probably shouldn’t have walked our party of 20 right through the middle but we went anyway! We had to find Midnight Lighting, the most famous boulder problem in Yosemite. All those white marks are chalk holds!

A for effort, Izzie.

After tip toeing around camp 4, we knew we had to see El Capitan up close. The walk was a little longer than we anticipated and we had to haul the strollers over a couple of creek crossings but we made it!

you know we love matching shirts.

oh man. Coming around the corner to this. AMAZING. I was so happy

This was maybe my favorite moment of the whole trip. Thatcher was asleep in the carrier. We walked miles to the base of El Cap. All my ridiculous hopes and dreams fulfilled. 

picnic in the meadow

We took turns laying down and using the binoculars and watching the climbers. You really don’t think anyone is climbing because they are SO SMALL. We had great timing and saw a climber doing the King Swing pitch.

I took the big kids to get close to the actual stone but it was like another 45 minute hike and we didn’t have time… but it was fun to be this close!

painting back at the cabin

spaghetti dinner al fresco

proper marshmallow attire

I brought two rocks from right around Max’s grave and I carried them in my pocket with me. Like bringing a little piece of him wherever we go. I left one at Mirror Lake and one in the back of our cabin. It just makes me feel like I am including him in our adventures. 


Yosemite 2018

All the kids slept down in a bunk bed room and they were sooooo happy. They actually slept pretty well too! We divided up some of the responsibilities of the cabin and it worked really well. Sabrina brought all the books, Morgan brought games for the hikes, and I brought some crafts for the cabin. Of course Grandma brought a whole bucket of outside toys and games to play, she always has the best stuff. We also divided up food- Grandma and Grandpa were in charge of breakfast, everyone was responsible for their own lunches, and we took turns on dinner. Morgan made amazing enchiladas, we did a tri-tip and Sabs and Jared made the best chili I have ever eaten. It was so nice to take turns with the food and cleanup- we just rotated watching kids and washing dishes. And then when the kids fell asleep, we played games in the living room with a fire. HEAVEN. It was totally heaven. 
I definitely cried when we left mostly because I don’t know when we will make it back. I would love to actually camp inside the valley or do some of the harder hikes when the kids are bigger! Still so much to explore, we barely scratched the surface. 

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