the great purge

alright so here’s the situation.

We’re having a little problem getting my photos uploaded clearly. So naturally the proactive thing to do is to ignore said problem until you are two months behind. I haven’t even done Christmas yet on here, I’ve never been so delinquent. Yikes. Isabelle’s dance recital…Lincoln’s 6th birthday… Disney trip… Thatcher 14/15/16/17 month updates. LOL.  And then… catching up has felt so daunting that it’s just easier to not even attempt the impossible. It’s embarrassing, really.

My photos are from my phone because who has time/energy to carry around a separate huge camera. We get the photos from my phone to the laptop just fine…. but when I load them into blogger they are just slightly blurry. Just enough to drive me insane. No one likes blurry photos! Especially of other people’s kids, ya know?

Thatcher has been really sick with the croup this week and I have gotten zero things done. “Fix blog pictures” has been on my list for weeks and I just haven’t quite gotten to it.

Anyway, this is a project I’ve been working on.


this is a very classy posterboard. and as previously explained, slightly blurry

We’ve been living in our house for eight years. The longest I’ve been anywhere but my childhood home! As I’ve lived here…. we have definitely “filled in” the space. Stored things in weird places, stuffed random extra piles into cupboards.. you know what I’m talking about. After Christmas we were looking at the kids’ rooms and I thought WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH MY LIFE. Why do we keep and store extra junk that we aren’t using? Why are some kid things not actually accessible to the kids? I read parts of the Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up several years ago and I don’t know, something clicked and I just had to start cleaning.

I’m a firm chucker- that is… if we haven’t used it in six months, it’s gone. (Unless it’s a seasonal item) I tend to donate or throw it away. My spouse however….. I mean I don’t want to say he is a hoarder…. but. if the shoe fits. However, I had been hanging on to books, decor items, clothes, SHOES, all sorts of things “just in case.” Also we had like several craft locations, paper in different places, cleaning supplies spread out, etc. Stuff just didn’t make sense. I thought – if I was moving into this house RIGHT NOW, where would I put these things?

I made this poster in January with a goal to clean out EVERY SPACE in my house- every shelf and cupboard, every drawer, every bin of toys. The idea was to do 1-3 small spaces a day and get through it all. I posted it on my instagram stories for some accountability. The good news is that I am ALMOST DONE! The bad news is I have the hardest spaces left. The front room. The room that gathers crap, the french doors close and then BAM suddenly I can’t see any carpet in there. We keep the harp and the piano in the front room.. therefore it can not be a playroom. Hot Wheels flying at the harp is just NO NOPE NO. It is my Everest in there, and I’m determined to get it done!

I have a HEEEYYYUUUGE pile in the garage for a yard sale… I’ve also filled about 8 trash bags full of straight up garbage. From my house. Yikes. I just re-read that sentence and it sounds like I’m a terribly messy person but I’m not! I thought I was organized and on top of it… but after 8 years I needed to reassess things.

My ultimate goal would be to do this to the garage after I finish the house. And… we have a big storage area with seasonal items and all the kids’ stuff they have outgrown and I’ve got to get through that too. AND THEN. Big fat yard sale! I don’t know why I feel the need to tell you this except it has taken a lot of my free time and I got borderline obsessed with it for awhile and since Thatcher has been sick I haven’t checked anything off of my poster lately and I need to finish what I started.

Thatch was up for hours last night so I’m probbbbbably going to bed imminently but 1) any tips on keeping the house organized once it’s cleaned out and 2) and tips on garage saling? sale-ing? whatever. New territory for me. I’ll report back once all those little lines are checked off!

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