kicking off the year in Disney

My favorite part of January is our trip to Disney. Post Christmas is always sad and cold and feels like such a long stretch to spring break and summer…. but not if you abandon life for a week and hit up Disneyland! My aunt and uncle and some of my cousins’ families come down from Utah and it ends up being like a little mini family reunion with churros and roller coasters.

I realize you are probably sick of my disney posts. I always say it’s fun and exhausting and it’s our favorite place to be. BECAUSE IT IS. So if this is not your thing I get it, feel free to skip through the next few. 
But if you are my disney BFF then permanecer sentado, por favor. Also, I have not figured out why my photos are uploading grainy when they are much clearer on my phone. I can’t procrastinate blogging anymore because of it though, yikes. It makes me angry.

We always drive down because we haul ALL THE STUFF. We flew once, but by the time you take suitcases and double stroller and car seats and then stop at target to clean out their snack aisle, it really isn’t worth it. Load the kids and go. We pulled in at about 6 pm and made it to the park by 7 to get our “wiggles out” after the ten hour drive. Monday we were fresh to hit the park when it opened.

Every morning Lincoln would wake up and immediately ask if he could go get Margo from her room so they could play. We love staying at the same hotel so we can just pass kids around, tag team the breakfast buffet and walk to the park together!

Isabelle = queen of accessories. Always.

Me and iz were taking a selfie and Archer and Margo jumped right in. I love them.

we’re gonna need a bigger boat

these two…. totally inseparable.

Thunder! It was Quinn’s first time and she LOVED it.

He calls her “ISS-A- BELLE” Full volume.

this is his “blowing kisses” face.

tigger tails. You know Gramma bought those.

this kid.. could have dropped him off at Goofy’s playhouse and left him for hours.

We got Max Passes this trip- they are a new version of fast pass. It’s $10 a day per person or you can add it to your annual for like $75 I think? TOTALLY WORTH IT. You can manage all your fast passes from the ap on your phone- link all the passes together and select your rides. It saved us a TON of time- basically you don’t have to walk to the ride to get your fast pass, you can just tap it on your phone and be done. It wasn’t terribly busy when we were there but even still the max pass was amazing. Highly recommend. 
Also, Thatcher was a gem. SUCH a cute age, bless him, he took his naps in the stroller and just ran until he couldn’t go anymore. I thought he would like the carousel but his favorite ride was The Little Mermaid and Small World. His tiny little legs and his tiny little mocs and his fluffy ginger mullet… he’s just the best. 

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