*brushes dust off*

Hey. So, it’s been awhile. Hashtag, life and stuff. But I am determined not to let this blog die. It must live foreverrrrr! A month has flown by– a super busy month, and I have a lot to catch up on. Like the entire month of December basically.

Christmas is all down and put away, the kids finally started back at school today after a nineteen day break. Not that I was counting. We had such a GREAT winter break and I love being with the kids, but there is something nice and reliable about routine.

We’ve set a new family motto for the year, planned a disney trip, and I’m working on de-cluttering the entire house one cupboard at a time. (more on that later.) I have mixed feelings about January- I love the feeling of fresh start and resetting some goals or adjusting ourselves in an effort to improve. BUT. January is also the Monday of months. Feels like a long way to go to the fun stuff.

And as always on January 1st, I’m thankful I am not driving I-80 returning to BYU. Those days were super and I’m thankful for my diploma and all the education and stuff but HOT DAMN I’m happy they are behind me. I still have nightmares about finals week.

Anyway. I’ll catch up here on our Christmas festivities, dance recital, how freaking cute my kids are… all important things. Here’s a picture so you remember what we all look like.

Well I uploaded a family picture and it was super blurry. I opened a ticket with my IT team and hopefully they will fix it asap. (ahem Jazz) Picture is clear on my phone, but blurry when transferred to the laptop- even if I email it? I mean, isn’t that why we have nice phones? So we can have nice pictures? Why doesn’t stuff just WORK like I want it to??? AGH Happy New Year.

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