life lately.

Well we are jumping from Halloween updates straight to Christmas. Whoops. I better fill some in there…

October was just an insanely busy month. November came and we all passed around the flu for awhile which was FUN. Even tiny Thatch got hit TWICE. The last couple weeks though have been really great and a nice change of pace.

Thatcher is nearly 15 months and HALLELUJAH is almost sleeping through the night. Hit and miss, but really up until he was one I was feeding him 1 or 2 times a night. I am loving the sleep… We have a good routine going, and I always appreciate the predictability of a schedule. The kids get off to school, Thatcher has a morning nap, I get to shower every day, etc.  Last year at this time it was such chaos, I was just barely keeping my head above water with a newborn and big kids and preschool and preparing for the holidays… we’ve made it through! Thatch is developing such a fun personality and learning new things every day. I just keep saying he is fun because he is FUN. So fun. It’s been five years since I had a toddler and I think I just forgot!

Isabelle turned eight and was baptized, I’ve got another post going for that but we are so proud of her. She is the most responsible and caring little girl. She is loving her teacher and particularly loves her computer lessons. They are teaching them how to code! Blows my mind what she is capable of.

Lincoln is Mr. Popular at school, he seems to know everyone. He loves his friends, he loves lunch and recess. He is warming up to reading and mostly likes to read Captain Underpants. Bathroom humor is hilarious when you are almost six.

pickup day at school.
symphony with Candace- two harps!
Isabelle was super brave and got her ears pierced. Had a thumbs up experience at the tattoo parlor.

this lil baby is so fun
big kids are fun too

Linc finished his soccer season. He really improved from last year and it was fun to see their team really grow! Last year we literally did not win a single game. This year they won them all- the perks of being older in the age group!

this baby climbs EVERYTHING.
Jazz and I were in the kitchen and we looked over to see this tiny face peering over the counter!
The slide was a little too close and he just stood right up.

We celebrated my dad’s 60th birthday! He requested a chocolate everything cake and with some over the phone help from Morgan, we delivered. We gave him this really fun book dedicated to all of our fun memories at Disneyland with Dad. Everyone wrote down some thoughts, the kids drew pictures, and we sorted through thousands of pictures to publish into a big book. I think he loved it!

Mom had this cute statue made for him out of scrap metal! He is our Walt.
We have so many fun memories at the park.

being outside = his favorite. 

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