Our Thanksgiving started with our Friendsgiving dinner at Kelly’s house. I think this is our fifth year? She hosted in her beautiful new home with lots of space for us all to fit. 

Thanksgiving break we had LOTS of cousin time. Margo and Archer came over for the morning to play while everyone over there cooked and prepped. I just really love the Macy’s parade, it just wouldn’t be thanksgiving without it. PLUS the dog show. Bitzer was enthralled. We spent the afternoon at Mom’s with everyone! Well, almost everyone. Sabrina had a baby like a week ago and so she and her little family stayed down in Elk Grove to soak in that yummy newborn.

Izzie wore her moccasins and feather necklace and asked me to braid her hair like an Indian. lol.

Fitz! He is one year and one day younger than Thatcher

We had the most gorgeous weather for the entire weekend. No rain! So nice to be outside.

first tramp experience.

Aubree! Sabrina and Jared came up for Isabelle’s baptism/Fitz’s blessing. She is so new and tiny and pink.

just a bunch of sleeping babies

We took Margo to kindergarten for music time and she got to go to recess with linc. These two are thick as thieves and it is so sad we live so far apart!

Things I want to remember: Margo and Linc playing cards and singing kindergarten songs. Playing bingo with everyone, swapping and stealing prizes. Rachel’s yummy strawberry pie. Beautiful weather, cousins pushing each other on swings. Big gulp diet dr peps. Thatcher not being the newest baby! Kids table full of coloring pages. Mom on a scooter. Those orange rolls that are like CRACK. So nice to have a break from school!!

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