Halloween festivities

I don’t feel like we got our money’s worth out of our Halloween season.

Our fall carnival at school was cancelled because there wasn’t enough parent support.
Our church trunk or treat was ON Halloween, which is REALLY hard for me to get behind.
And sweetie pie Isabelle came down with a horrible stomach flu and missed all of the partying. Poor thing, it was SO sad. 
Here’s what we did make it to: Lincoln’s Kindergarten parade at school, which is just super hilarious. We crashed our cousins’ trunk or treat the weekend before Halloween. And the main event, just me and the boys. 
Somehow we still gathered enough candy to last us a lifetime. 
Linc- blue power ranger. Very specific, had to be blue. Isabelle- Merida from Brave. She used some of her piggy bank money to buy a bow and arrow in Disneyland and it sort of spiraled from there. She thought it would be a great idea for Thatcher to be the bear from the movie. (How cute is that.)

we loooove Mrs. Kikut

It is so fun to have a daughter. She was so excited to pick out all her makeup colors and looked loooooong and hard through my big makeup box.

post trunk or treat candy sorting

the best part is that he posed this way all by himself.

mom! abuela imelda from the new movie Coco

thatcher and his bff rhett

just a couple of kids

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