Pumpkin Patch Day!

We got so lucky this year with some cool weather for our pumpkin patch day! Last year I think everyone was sweaty and hot by the time we hauled our pumpkins to the car. It felt like a REAL fall day at the farm. Also, Isabelle picked out pretty much every accessory she owns. That girl loves to dress up.

I feel like we are limited in our little town in some ways, so I was really glad to discover this local pumpkin patch several years ago. They go all out- corn maze and hay rides and hilarious cow train thing- I mean it’s totally cheesy but my kids love it and it really feels like a fun tradition every year. Lots to do, and I think we will keep going even when the kids are older and can do things like paint gun pumpkins and the haunted corn maze.

Ginger baby was past his nap. Very tired.

also not a fan of corn pits. 

cousins at the corn maze!

agh! my heart!

Lincoln always picks medium size pumpkins, something he can pick up.

Isabelle goes for huge ones with a smooth exterior.

I think we got about two hours there and then DONE. That’s the beauty of having a bunch of kids, you really can’t stay in once play too long. Thatcher looooved to be outside with all the big kids, he just wanted to walk around and touch all the things. Isabelle was very particular about picking the perfect pumpkin. She walked and walked until she found “the one.” Linc was just thrilled to be there with the cousins running around in dirt and finding corn cobs to throw at each other. And of course I couldn’t leave with out a gray cinderella pumpkin for my front porch because I am #basic.
So glad we went when we did! The next weekend it was 92 degrees. Yikes.

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