Isabelle’s 8th Birthday

Guys, I’m not going to lie, this month has kicked me right in the face. Just a big month, lots of big projects on top of my everyday projects aka my children. Feels like being behind on the blog is the standard instead of the exception! I can’t juggle all the balls and the non time sensitive ones tend to get dropped first and that is OKAY. I’m just telling my type A personality to cool it.

October 4th we celebrated Isabelle’s 8th Birthday! 8 years ago she flipped my world upside down. She was so small when she was born, I had never held a baby that new before and I had no idea what I was doing. Isabelle has the sweetest, kindest, most thoughtful personality but I gotta say that first year was hard. She definitely was my trickiest baby but has been my easiest child.

Her special day fell on a wednesday- we had RKT at school followed by an afternoon at home, her favorite orange chicken for dinner and a play date with Charlotte while the boys were at soccer.

A few things about 8 year old Isabelle I want to remember: She loves the dollar store. Loves it. Could spend hours in there. She always brings something home for Lincoln if he isn’t with her. She loves to chat about LipSense with me- what color I’m going to wear or what color SHE is going to wear with what outfit on any occasion. She is a great reader, she loves joke books and got a horse facts book she hasn’t put down in days.

Iz loves to get Thatcher out of his crib and bring him to me. He thinks she is so funny, he lights up when he can see her through the gate at school pickup. Isabelle is really a great big sister, she and Linc share a bunk bed and in the mornings they get ready together and it’s so cute. Her favorite food is homemade orange chicken, burrito bandito (as always) and spaghetti. She has the sweetest voice and the best laugh.

Isabelle has been talking about having a horse party for months and months! We had a few friends and cousins out to a stable in Anderson for a big horse lesson/ horse ride and it was SO fun. And I didn’t have to clean my house. Win/Win. Iz loves animals, she always checks out animal related library books. This party was so much fun and the kids really had a great time. They were so careful, learned how to take care of the horses and brush them, and then everyone got to ride a couple different horses.

Thatcher has learned that he can feed ANY dog.

the hand holding!

Thatcher LOVED this whole day.

he fell asleep! In the sling! Bless him.

When Izzie opened her gifts I was blown away at how thoughtful all of her little friends are. They really thought about what SHE would like, lots of crafting projects and art supplies and legos. I’m so thankful she has good friends! 
Now we are talking about ear piecing and her baptism and THIS IS GOING TOO FAST. I love her.

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