Thatcher James- 12 months

(This post is late but that seems to be the norm these days. Now he’s 13 months, walking everywhere, gearing down to one nap.. anyway, I still wanted to post this.)

We celebrated Thatcher’s first birthday a couple weeks ago just before our Disney trip. We made it a whole year! I don’t think this baby will ever really understand how much joy he has brought to our family. I think it goes faster for each subsequent baby that I have… twelve months went by in a blink.

Thatch is 19 pounds, has twelve teeth, wearing size 9-12 month clothing, size 1 mocs, size four diapers.  He LOVES to eat, if he’s fussy, just give him a snack and he is good to go. A few of his favs are crackers, any type of fruit, yogurt, grilled cheese sandwiches, peas and PIZZA. Thatcher is still breastfeeding (hallelujah we made it!) only really at naps and nighttime, he has definitely dropped some of his feeds though and it is bittersweet. Not setting any records at night, he hasn’t slept through a single time yet and usually wakes 1-2 times.

Thatcher loves to follow me all over the house, he is nearrrrrly walking and takes steps here and there. He loves to open drawers out and empty the contents. He claps and waves and smiles at EVERY ONE, he says mama and dada and doh for dog. Most of all he loves Izzie and Linc and he is totally content to be wherever they are. He is a climber! Definitely my earliest climbing baby, it makes me nervous I can’t leave anything out or he will just hop right on it. He almost got a leg up on the couch yesterday. Gah! I’m not ready!

He is totally obsessed with the dog. DOH. DOH. DOH. I can’t keep Bitzer inside the house when Thatcher is eating because Thatch just leans over and feeds all his food to him! Loooooves the pup. Also loves the bath tub, if we turn on the water and it’s not his turn he is VERY ANGRY.

We’ve hit the “alligator wrestling” phase when it’s time for a diaper change or to get dressed. So impossible to get two tiny legs in those freakin pants when he is muscling off of the changing pad.

When he crawls around he likes to hold a toy in his hand so he sounds slap, clap, slap, clap all over the tile. Sometimes he claps when he nurses and it’s pretty much by favorite thing. Like the best self esteem boost ever. Thatcher is my mama’s boy, he always comes and finds me wherever I am. I’m not mad about it… Although I will say that sometimes at bedtime he will put up a fight until I pass him to Jazz and he will IMMEDIATELY go to sleep and I am thankful/angry.

I love his fluffy hair. I love his teeny chipped tooth. (#tile) I love when he picks up small things with his fingers. I love that he is SO ticklish everywhere. I love when he smiles at me when he is standing on top of something he shouldn’t be. I love when he reaches out his arms for me to pick him up. I love when he sits and pivots on his bum to turn around. I tell Jazz all the time, “UGH I LOVE HIM SO MUCH.”

Kara took some pictures for us last month and we just got them back. You know I want to post them all, but I’ll refrain and just post MOST of them.

Thatcher, we love you!

1 thought on “Thatcher James- 12 months

  1. He is a beautiful little carrot top – looks just like his dad. Love and happiness to your family!Kim Bradley FinchChattahoochee, FL


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