The last bit

I’m behind, I know. Such is life these days.

Last bit of our Disneyland trip. Wednesday is always the best day as far as crowds. We were able to do so many fun rides!

Walt’s horse

Grandpa is everyone’s favorite!

Parade crew

i love this one.

when in rome

Thursday! Thursday a few clouds turned into some major rain most of the morning. Grandpa saved us all with ponchos! A little water can’t keep us down.

Big cousins, just doin their own thing. 

first time on cars

no baby is happier.

best splash picture!

Friday was sort of a bummer, the flu had been going around and finally hit me. I stayed in our hotel wishing for death while Jazz took all three kids to the park for the whole day. Huge props to him for being super dad. I had major FOMO not being there the last day but we still had a really great trip and I know there will always be another time! (right?!)

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