the middle chunk.

I will say- we had the best weather we’ve ever had for a September trip. A few times we have visited, it has been 90+ which isn’t that hot compared to hell redding but when you are wrangling kids and standing in lines, it’s extra hot. Tuesday was a glorious day- we were there nice and early to open California Adventure.
I bribed Margo with a cotton candy if she would pull out her dangling front tooth and she yanked it! Tooth fairy brought her a dollar and both she and Linc carried around their tooth fairy money the whole day. I bought her some fruit for breakfast and she pulled out her dollar and said “WILL THIS DO IT!” Ohmyword, so cute.

cousins! almost in order actually, swap Kira and Jake.

“and ova here is this thing.”


my ride buddy.

Pre- Guardians! There were tears for 2/4.
Also the ride was SO GOOD.

best baby award goes to this one with the chicken legs.

Over on the pier, they were promoting the new Coco movie with live dancing every so often, face paint for the kids, and a big thing dedicated to the dia de los muertos. Like I said, something new every time we come! They had these cute little cards you could write messages to your desceased loved ones on and hang up. Everyone wrote notes to Max and it made me cry behind my sunglasses.

“hope you are having a great time”

The whole crew!
I remember when Madilyn was a baby and I was pregnant with Isabelle- we came to disneyland and I hung out with Madilyn while her parents rode the rides we both couldn’t. I pushed her stroller around when she was asleep and I had NO IDEA how my life was going to change once Isabelle was born. That trip was different- the first time we had a baby at the park. And now look! Our trips are heavy with kid stuff, our strollers loaded with water shoes, extra clothes, snacks, diapers. We don’t stay until midnight anymore. (Just typing that made me laugh. So tired.) Our family has grown so much, we’ve had SO many fun days in the park doing 95% kid-related things. We try to tag team adult rides, figuring out fast passes, taking groups of kids on other rides. Most of our time is spent in line playing silly games, wrangling kids, managing meltdowns, negotiating snacks. It’s worth it!

Here’s a disney tip: we pack in lunch almost every day. Sandwiches, chips, fruit, drinks. We have a small cooler that sits in the bottom of the stroller, I bring one tupperware and all the sandwiches go in there. We made PB and Jelly and turkey and cheese. With our large group, we coordinate the side items! Someone is in charge of the fruit, one in charge of the cracker or chip, one in charge of gogurt, etc. and it rotates every day. That way when we eat, every one has the same thing and there’s NO fits about wanting what someone else has. 

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