disneyland sept ’17

If you’ve been following awhile, you know we have a mega family disney trip in September. Last year I missed the trip for the BEST reason, I stayed home and snuggled newborn Thatcher for a whole week while my family hit the park hard. This year we all went together and it was SO much fun. Almost the whole family came – Morgan welcomed new baby Fitz just a few days before our trip and so she stayed home, but we got to see her kids there! Linc and Margo = BFFFFFFs. I think all together there were ten adults and fourteen kids.

This trip was super fun with all the kids. Isabelle is 7 and can ride most things by herself! Lincoln is tall enough for the big rides like Tower of Terror aka Guardians of the Galaxy. (Which actually he did not ride, but Izzie did.) He did ride Indy this time though. Thatcher was FUN. He is such a mellow baby, he did really well in the park considering his only goal for the day was to get down and crawl anywhere gross and dirty. He’s almost walking but not quite. He napped in the stroller, ate all the food, and rode any ride he was allowed on.

Monday! Here we go. (Disney tip- go during the week. We generally go M-Th or something like that, Wednesday is always the best day- the least busy. ) Also I didn’t take my big camera on this trip, too many kids, too many bags, not enough hands. Iphone for the win. Disneyland at Halloween time is just my FAVORITE. All debazzled.

packed all the accessories. All of them.

standing and double fisting crackers, nbd

Jedi training! Iz was on the other side and I couldn’t get any pics of her.

this face though.

I’m really obsessed with him.

“Everyone grab a hand!” – me all day long

post splash mountain. Linc said his underwear was wet.

these kids are mine!


when your dad takes selfies

happy happy baby

One of my MOST FAVORITE things ever.
Peanut butter.
Taking a nap.
Holding a sleeping baby at Disneyland.

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