Happy Birthday Thatcher!

We celebrated Thatcher’s Birthday with pizza and cupcakes with our family and friends!

Poor thing, I think his molars were bothering him because he just wasn’t quite himself! Didn’t nap like normal and he just wanted to be held. I took him to the park to swing and even that was like meh, no thanks. By the time all his favorite people came over, he was good to go. Plus, pizza.

Isabelle made this! All by herself!

by far my favorite decor ever

RKT 1’s

How were these a year ago. 

His most favorite food.
We all sang Happy Birthday to him and of course I got choked up. Last year we sang it to him in the OR when he was fresh and pink and in my arms! So emotional. More thoughts for another post though.

he sort of liked it? 

real life, half in pajamas, family picture.
One of the best parts of the day…I texted my mom because I was out of window cleaner and with the dog out back, the sliding door gets really messy. Half an hour later, mom shows up with her industrial steamer and STEAMS my windows- she even took the screen off the front window and cleaned all the tracks and stuff. She’s the best. 
Anyway, we ate pizza and opened presents and the cousins all ran around crazy. By 6:45 we called it a night and threw the kids in the tub really quick before putting them to bed. I know we are lucky to live by family, we live by A LOT of family and it makes for really special birthday parties. When I got up in the night to feed Thatch, I remembered sitting in the hospital with him trying to keep him awake long enough to nurse. He was so small and my emotions were so fragile and I have such tender memories of those first few days of his life. He has been such a blessing and I’m so thankful for this whole year that we’ve had together. Happy 1st Birthday, Thatch. xo.

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