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After the FAIL of agate beach, we were searching the interwebs for good places to go explore on Sunday. I came across a little place called Fern Canyon, about 45 minutes away, that was supposed to be incredible, was even a film location for Jurassic Park 2. So we set the GPS! It was actually wayyyy off the map through the state park on a dirt road for a long ways, Linc kept asking “when are we gonna be therrrrrrre.”

But it was well worth that little drive. Honestly the most beautiful place I have ever been! You hike back from the road a little bit and then it opens up to this gorgeous canyon with 50 foot walls of GREEN on each side. I am kicking myself for not hauling my big camera on this trip because these pictures are so pathetic compared to how amazing it really was. We hiked through this canyon, over and through the freezing cold creek… it was so much fun. The kids loved it. If you go- go early. By the time we turned around and got back to the beginning, it was getting really crowded. We were there about 10:30 and it was perfect.

look we are being outdoorsy

can you even!

She’s great.

Stick a cracker in this kid’s hand and he is happy.
So we spent a good portion of our morning exploring that trail- it was an easy little walk but we were all super hungry by the time we got back to the car. We grabbed our cold pizza and our sand stuff and hiked from the parking lot over to the beach. Sand for miles, no people, the perfect temperature wind, waves in the distance, pizza in my hand, my kids on towels next to me. We sat on top of a dune and ate our lunch… Linc brought his big airplane to play with, Izzie had some sand toys. 
I think it was the most perfect part of our trip… our summer, maybe of our whole year… I just really can’t describe how happy this little situation made me. We took turns throwing the big airplane for Linc to go chase after. Isabelle made a sand castle and played in the freezing water. Thatcher just went for handfuls of sand, moving all of it around. We even spotted some sea lions in the surf where we were playing. Literally nobody in sight.. I’m not kidding, I totally cried sitting on that beach I was SO HAPPY, like my tank of emotions just overflowed and leaked out my eyes.

I told Jazz we are making this an annual tradition. Yes we are.

the freckles. and the pizza.

Izzie has the biggest heart. 

do i have a ginger?

This trip reminded me of the trips we used to take as kids. No electronics, no tv’s. A van full of kids and some hot tamales to pass the time. My mom loved to stop at a grocery store and run in and get grapes, a crusty bread, cheese and some sliced lunch meat and we would sit somewhere and eat a picnic. I don’t think I got it as a kid but MOM I GET IT NOW! She always rolled down her windows when we were near an ocean or cool weather. Or trees. And this trip was full of all that stuff. It was just the break from the heat that we all needed.. and a great way to celebrate end of summer/ kick off the first week of school. 

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