a weekend away

A couple weeks ago we packed up the kids and fled to the coast. This has been one of the hottest Redding summers in history and I was dying to escape. We booked this little cabin over in Trinidad on the coast. The weather forecast was 60 degrees and foggy. Fifty degrees cooler.

I’ve lived here a long time, most of my life, but have never been to the coast with my little family. This was one of those perfect storm trips, where things just came together and everyone was relatively happy and traveled well, we did fun things and spent time outside. My favorite three days as a family of five.. maybe ever.

We drove over to the coast Friday afternoon.. it’s a solid 3 1/2 hours. Thatcher doesn’t love the car and he threw a big fat fit the last hour but we made it in time to explore our little cabin area before bedtime. We stayed at Emerald Forest in Trinidad, right in the middle of the redwoods, big trees right out our windows. And LOL this is fun, I thought I booked a two room cabin but it was actually one giant room with three beds! Two little twins for the kiddos which they loved. It was such a novelty for them to be in this one room cabin in the forest with no TV and so much to explore!

Linc grew a little since last winter. lol.

Saturday morning we were up early (#kids) and headed north about an hour to the Trees of Mystery. It’s in the big Redwood State Park area- sort of a tourist attraction with all kinds of HUGE trees and a gondola into the sky. They have a big trail you follow and a scavenger hunt of different trees to spy on your hike. Oh man, we loved it. It wasn’t a difficult hike, I carried Thatcher and it took us a couple of hours to get through everything. I just kept saying THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL. Everywhere we went. 
Fog= beautiful. Ocean = beautiful. Huge trees- = beautiful. Cool weather = Amazing so happy.
The kids really loved it too. Kids always love being outside. 

The Cathedral Tree. People legit get married right there.
Going up in the gondola
kids thought this was pretty epic.
was supposed to be “pooped logger” like super tired logging man
looked more like logger pooping instead. and holding his nose.

greasy food and milkshakes

 We made our way back down to Trinidad (spotted whales in the water!) and stopped in at Agate beach. The hike down is an actual hike, with a weird wooden rope ladder at the end. We get allll the way down there with all of our crap and Lincoln just runs down to the surf… and immediately starts SCREAMING like I am assuming he has stepped on something super poky or been stabbed by a crab or something because I have never ever seen him run so fast back to my in my life. I’m half laughing, half worried, and he tells me he doesn’t like the feeling of the rocks on his feet, he felt like he was sinking and “dead crabs everywhere.” So we spent an hour at Agate Beach, Linc sat on a towel the entire time. lol. Success. Thatcher just went for fistfulls of sand. Moving it around, squishing it, putting on the towel. I shoved a paci in his mouth so he didn’t eat it.

This girl could have spent the rest of the day right there.

We packed up and drove back to our little cabin. Jazz ran to get some pizza for us for dinner and I bathed the kids. We sat and ate round table (my fav) all together on a tiny little two person table and talked about our super fun day. We read more Harry Potter and everyone passed out. SUCCESS.

That’s a good man right there. Three kids and a bag of stuff.

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