chit chat with Linc.

Two adorable conversations Lincoln had this week that I want to remember and needed to write down. 5 1/2 is just such a great age. He has the BEST questions and I never know when these convos are going to happen!

Riding home from Ryder’s house, headed home for a playdate. Overheard in the car. Boys were talking about their school and their siblings and Linc says something like “yeah we have FOUR boys in our family.”

Ryder: “Four? (clearly trying to count heads)
Linc: “Remeberrrrrr? Maxwell? We had a little baby in mom’s tummy and there was something in his heart that wasn’t working very good so he had to go back up to heaven.”
Ryder: “Oh. and get fixed up?”
Linc: “No no no, he will be there forever now, he’s all done.
Ryder, without missing a beat: “So you will see him when you go up to heaven!”
Linc: “Yep! Did you know that when you die, they take you to a park and they bury you in the ground? And they put your heart in a box. It’s true, Jesus Christ did it.”
Ryder: “yeah I know!!”

I was dying in the front seat. Kids are SO cute and precious and Linc did a great job explaining Max.

Driving to soccer tonight. Just me and Linc.

Linc: “Mom when we die do we get to come back to life?
Me: “Like come back to earth again? Or what? We will go up to heaven.”
Linc: “What does heaven look like?”
Me: “It will be beautiful! I don’t know exactly but I bet it will be really great.”
Linc: “So we get to live again?”
Me: “well, yeah, when Jesus comes again we will all be resurrected.”
Linc: “What does that mean.”

Me: “It means that our bodies and our spirits will come together again. You know when you die your body stays here and your spirit goes up to heaven? Well when we are resurrected we are made whole again and everyone will feel really good.”

Linc: “Oh so Isabelle won’t have owwies on her arm.”
Me: “Right. No owwies. Everyone will be healed.”
Linc: “Wait, will I be a baby?”
Me: “No you’ll be more grown up.”
Linc: “Like a teenager?”
Me: “Maybe!”
Linc: “What about Grandpa. Will he be all wrinkly.”
Me: (dying laughing inside) No I don’t think Grandpa will be all wrinkly. Just regular.
Linc: Well he has some wrinkles. I like them. I think they look cool.”
Me: “Yeah he’s great. We will all get to be together in heaven. Unless we make bad choices.”
Linc: “Then what happens?”
Me: “Welllllll then we have to go to a bad place where naughty people go.” It’s called Hell.
Linc: “Ohhh. right. when you punch people a bunch.”
Me: “No you have to make REALLY bad choices and then not be sorry and repent. You can’t come to heaven and be with all your friends and family.”
Linc: *thinking*….. “well unless your friends are in hell too.”
Me: LOL oh man “yeah that’s true but I don’t think you’ll be able to party together.”
Linc: “well just don’t tell Satan who your friends are. Maybe you would be locked up together.”
Me: “yeah I think Satan will know. I think it would be best to just avoid hell all together.”
Linc: “Okay that sounds good.”

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