Back to School

School is back in session!

Last Wednesday, we sent Isabelle off to second grade and Lincoln off to kindergarten. I was nursing Thatcher on the couch at 5 am and Lincoln came out fully dressed ready to go! Bless his little excited heart.

I’ve been teasing Lincoln for months that I might just keep him home forever with me but he told me no he HAD to go to school. We absolutely love his teacher- Isabelle had her as well and we spent some time in her classroom doing weekly music and so Linc thinks he owns the place. Actually he was so confident he didn’t even want me to take him- Dad took both kids and dropped them off on the first day.
MAJOR MIXED FEELINGS. Linc has been my sidekick for five years. For the last three years Isabelle has been in school and we’ve done all sorts of fun things together. I poured alllllll of my energy into him after Max was born and we went everywhere together! So yeah I was a tiny bit sad to send him off but really proud of him- he is totally ready for school and so far seems to be adjusting great. Homework comes home tomorrow so we will see how that goes.
Isabelle has a great teacher and a class with several of her friends. And actually her cousin Jake is in the same class now! It’s really fun- we’ve got six Sumsion grandkids at the same school from TK to fourth grade. 
Having just Thatcher home is really nice. I get a little bit of time during his morning nap to exercise and shower or do whatever I need to do for the day… I sort of forgot what that feels like! You would think I have alllll this time to do whatever I want to but really it’s busy few hours until I’m fighting for a parking spot to pick up the kids. I do love the schedule that comes with school (minus getting up at 6:15 everyday.)
Isabelle is so particular about her outfits and her hair, she has to set everything out and plan it in advance. Linc wants to be comfortable, he doesn’t really care. Right now we are just dealing with HOT weather, like 110 this week, they want to be as cool as possible.

Linc had hot lunch the first Friday because it was pizza and he loves pizza. They served a fruit and some sort of zucchini cake which he really liked. He loved it so much, he went back up to the window and asked for another piece! Oh that made me smile and also broke my heart a little bit because I know they couldn’t give him one and I’m sure he just thought hey if I go up there, they will give me more! I can see his little freckled face be disappointed and I CAN NOT HANDLE THAT. Ugh. I want to simultaneously see him succeed and be independent but also be there to protect his little tender heart. How do people let their kids leave home. Honestly, I’m asking. How do I exist as a person without them around all the time. When you figure that out, lemme know.

Anyway. It’s a nice change from summer to be back in school. Now, if the fall weather would show up that would be stellar. I’m so tired of my summer clothes I could barf.

the sweetest girl ever. shes so smart and funny. 

their classes are reading buddies! How cute is that!
also please note Lincoln’s shark tooth necklace, it was very important.

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