at least it’s something.

I’m determined not to let this blog die! It will live forever! Eternal Blogdom!

Lol. These are getting few and far between but something is better than nothing. Here’s whats up.

1. School started. Yay and sad. More to come on that.

2. Thatcher is 11 months! Yay and also sad! More to come on that.

3. Took a mini weekend trip to the coast. ONLY YAY HERE. So fun oh man, more to come on that.

4. We had so much fun cousin time this summer! Some even moved here! More to come on that. I’ve got to catch up on posts summer. It went so quickly. Swim team and bronchitis and a baby on a nap schedule and enough trips to target to keep that bullseye lit up for awhile.

5. Thatcher is awake now so if I keep blogging in four minute intervals, I should have a real post ready by end of August. Eye roll emoji.

Here’s a picture so you aren’t bored.

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