Thatcher James- 9 months

Thatcher is nine months! OH THIS BABY! He just gets cuter and cuter. 16-17 pounds, pretty tall and skinny. Wearing size four diapers, size 9-12 month clothes. Six teeth, just cut his seventh little tooth today. Drooling like a sharpei.  His hair is all soft and fluffy and looks pretty light and gingery- which is totally how Linc looked at this age too. He is so fair skinned and has light eyes- all the people in Mexico wanted to touch him. Just walked right up. Rubbed his head and his cheek.

Thatch is eating food like it’s his job. Which it is, I guess! His favorites are peaches, watermelon, raspberries, sweet potatoes and he loves a good pizza crust. ALL THE FOOD. He would rather feed himself than have me feed him, already seems pretty independent. Still nursing 4-5 times through the day and night. Still won’t take a bottle, but is pretty good with a straw. Sleeping in his crib! In his own room! For nights and naps, hallelujah. Doing two solid naps a day, as long as we are home.

Happy, happy little baby. smiles at anything. Smiles at sounds. Smiles at the dog. Loves Lincoln and Izzie. Laughs the most for the kids and for funny noises like Velcro coming undone and this ridiculous hamburger song Lincoln sings. And he is full on crawling! Just last week, so technically 9 1/2 months. Obsessed with trying to find all the dog toys, crate, food, anything. He pulled himself up to a stand yesterday and naturally I pushed him down and said YOU QUIT THAT.

Flaps his arms when he is excited to see me, which is my favorite. He’s more of a mama’s boy than my other children have been and I’m not mad about it. Totally at that stage where he screams when I leave the room. Lights up when dad comes home everyday.

Last summer I was so pregnant and uncomfortable and HOT and now look! That baby that was inside is now OUTSIDE and doing all kinds of cute things. I really can’t remember how it felt in our family before he was here, he is just such part of us. Rounding the corner to his first birthday and I just can’t believe it.

my favorite


you haz food for me?

sink bath! Tiny little neck.

pizza crust ftw


teething. so hard.

not too big for the solly

this lil spot is mine

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