Gummy Baby Smile

Back in February Thatcher started growing ALL THE TEETH and I texted my bff -“SOS! please take his pictures before he has a shark mouth!” She came over basically the next day because I was stressing out. Stressing out about teeth and pictures is stupid, just FYI, but at the time it seemed very important.

And yes this was almost five months ago but I forgot to post them and you know if I don’t post it it’s like it never happened so better late than never. He looks so little here! I don’t want to start freaking out but his birthday is coming up faster than I would like. Can’t go there. Nope.

Also, will I ever have a brown eyed baby?!? I’ve got kids with gorgeous light eyes and while that is fun I always imagined I would have brown babies. I think Max would have been my brown baby! He was so much darker than my other newborns.

Here are some cute pictures of Thatcher at about five months. Images by Katie Luther Photography. I love her and if you are really lucky she will make you dinner.

bitzer photo bomb

Linc would not stop shooting nerfs into the frame. Was an issue.

THIS ONE. This is the one. His hair looks so red.

Can barely see those bottom toothies poppin through!

Thank you for forcing me in this one even though I had no makeup on and my hair was in a bun and I’m wearing a mens t-shirt. She’s good.

I’ll be scheduling his one year smash cake photos soon! Agh! Also LOL he has so many teeth now.

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