mexico parte dos

Part two of our fiesta! Someday I’d like to get back to posting other things besides just what we are doing as a family. Lots of stuff to say. Today is not that day though.

More Mexico! Stuff I want to remember about this trip-

  • We couldn’t find salsa anywhere. They don’t sell it. Because they MAKE it from scratch.
  • The tortillas were amazing. Like I brought some home with me in my suitcase. They are gone now and I am sad.
  • Swim lessons for my kids have been worth every penny and time spent out in the heat. It was so nice not to have to “hover” around them. They are capable swimmers and of course I was always watching them but not worried about them. 
  • Thatcher slept better on this trip than he had in awhile, such an answer to prayer. 
  • I love that there were “sorta rules” in Mexico. Wear a seatbelt. Or not. Must be this tall to ride the slide. Ehhhh sort of. The wave pool turns on at 10 am… ish. 
  • Scott’s fluent Spanish came in very handy. Thanks, Scott. 
  • I am now friends on facebook with our housekeeper, Blanca. She does not speak English, I do not speak spanish. It was fun.
  • The kids LOVED the lazy river, it was so fun. This resort was totally entertaining for the kids and I wouldn’t hesitate to go back!
  • Mexico is beautiful. Huge iguanas. Lots of green. Super nice people.
  • Was a little tricky finding baby food- but we figured it out. My dad came to the rescue and went into town a few times for groceries. 
  • Everyday we ate breakfast in our little room. We either made sandwiches for lunch down by the pool or else popped up and made quesadillas with this crazy mexican cheese I wanted to marry. Then at night we went out to eat or ordered poolside which was incredibly convenient. 
  • Nothing my kids love more than playing with cousins and friends. Add water and occupied for hours.
  • Just after take off on the flight home, I had THREE SLEEPING CHILDREN. It was heaven. I actually read a book for awhile. Like whaaaat!
  • I was nervous to take three kids on vacation to Mexico without Jazz. But we did it! And I had lots of help. Turns out while I was gone Jazz had a list of projects of his own! I came home to a number of really amazing surprises around the house. I told Jazz that I’m going to have to go out of town without him more often.
  • I just really have the best parents.  So generous, so helpful, so kind. At night we would sit around and talk after the kids were asleep. Solved the world’s problems, as my mom would say.  My most favorite people.

downtime watercolors

just the best baby!

best cousin friends

Lincoln is killing me in this one

We were waiting for our food to come and Linc asked for my phone and set up this photo shoot with his new bff. It was so cute. I think Madilyn took the picture for him.
Hair braiding day! I think this poor woman didn’t know what she was getting into with our girls who have ALL THE HAIR. 

All finished!

Izzie’s turn

She was soooo proud of her hair we had to leave it in for school.

best part was I didn’t have to wash her hair or comb it out. Winning.

tiny rash guard tiny swim trunks

brothers! always missing one though.

Thatcher loooooooved the water so much

The crew! My cousin Zach and his family joined us on this trip and we had so much fun with them.


my lil world right there

the kids painted ceramics one day. Isabelle was meticulous, Lincoln was less so.


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