Vive Mexico!

We had the last minute chance to crash a family vacation to Mexico. We weren’t initially going to go because Jazz couldn’t get that specific week off of work… but some circumstances changed and we hurried and applied for some baby passports! Jazz stayed home and took care of Bitzer (sorry honey) and I traveled with my parents and the three kids to Puerto Vallarta.

Bless Thatcher, he was just a good little baby and travel companion. My big kids were really good too! They are past that insanely hard stubborn toddler stage and are generally pleasant little humans. They packed their own bags and I packed a fun snacklebox for them. They were so easy on the flight. Thatch nursed and slept for an hour, then we basically played Juggle All The Stuff for two hours until we landed. Success.

The resort we stayed at was bananas. We had a gorgeous ocean front view right off our room and this tiny little pool on our balcony which the kids thought was pretty sweet. Endless pools, splash pad, wave pools, big slide, lazy rive, sandy beach– on and on and on. So fun for the kids and fun for the grown ups too. The kids were EXHAUSTED every night and they slept hard! If you are going on vacation without your spouse, I highly recommend going with a BUNCH of family members. Everyone was so helpful with my big kids so I could run up to the room and feed Thatcher and give him a good nap.

We’ve never taken the kids out of the country before, and we had some good little lessons about foreign money and trying to understand a different language. A little high school spanish coming through! Luckily Scott is fluent in espanol so he was our main man for any communication issues. Also, I rented some baby gear before we arrived. GAME CHANGER. We’ve done this before in Hawaii and it is so helpful! I rented a high chair, a rock n play (Thatcher napped in it) and a bouncer. The floors were tile and I was really glad I had a few places to set Thatcher down where he could play without just plopping him on the floor. Big fan of making things easier. The company delivered them to the hotel and picked them up when we left. So great.

Anyway, here are a bunch of pictures from our trip. You know I took a million so there will be a part two to this thing.

why do they look so big!

our view! insane!

Thatcher’s first swim!
happiest baby. And I have the best parents.


when you show up on vacation and accidentally have matching swim suits

tiny trunks

this kid. With the freckles. Such a fish.

My mom brought this hat and somehow Isabelle sort of stole it and wore it every single day. 

I love all of these people!

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