last day of preschool

Hi I grew three feet.

Lincoln is done with preschool! Hallelujah!

We did the Redding CoOp for him this year and he absolutely loved it. LOVED IT. Probably helped that his BFF Ryder was there by his side every single day. Honestly they are inseparable and they hardly noticed there were 15 other kids in class. This was a little different than the preschool we normally do- I had to be present and help in the class every Wednesday. Probably would have been a LOT easier without a newborn in tow but we made it and I was actually sad the last day of school.

This picture.. I just can’t.

Linc goes to kinder in the fall. Cue the tears. It was hard to send Izzie to TK and she was not quite five yet.. Linc is 5 1/2 and for some reason this feels so much harder! Maybe because he was my baby for so long, he and I had some solid one on one time and I’m really going to miss my little sidekick. He says the funniest things and he is so curious and asks the best questions. He will love going to school with Isabelle every day.

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