I just can’t catch up. I keep thinking that after THIS is over or THAT is over things will get back to normal and I will be able to get current on everything. And that just isn’t happening! But there is stuff I need to write down and record and I just don’t have the time to do it.

I feel like I have my normal plate of responsibilities. Children, housework, keeping up on mail and bills, laundry oh the laundry that never ends. Being a wife. Having a nursing baby. A nursing baby that is now eating solids. Shuttling kids back and forth. Church calling. Our satan dog. Dinner.

And I have room for ONE extra thing. Like a personal thing, that takes my bonus free time. Harp. Exercise. Blog. LipSense stuff. TiVo. AND then SLEEP! Sleep trumps all. Sleep wins every time! So I have this one time slot per day, an hour at most, to do whatever I want to do. And I’m trying to cram a bunch of stuff into that one hour and it’s not working so well! Balls are dropping, that’s for sure. Sometimes when I swing my legs over the side of the bed to get up in the morning, I just can’t BELIEVE it’s morning again and there’s so. much. to. do. And is this just how it is now? For the next 18+ years?

So this be may of a word vomit post but I gotta get it out.

Isabelle is 7 1/2. The sweetest kid on the planet. Loves art. LOVES do to crafts. She is currently making a book of sketches of animals. Lizards, elephants, cheetas. That sort of thing. Always has a notepad and a pencil near. She says “literally” and “seriously” in almost the correct context. All of her cute little speech differences have resolved themselves, she even says her ‘r’s now just fine. Her spelling is my favorite. She saves her treats in a napkin and brings them home from school to share. She is getting more opinionated on how I do her hair, and her favorite is just a high pony. She gets in the car after school and just chats my ear off about her teacher and her friends and recess.  Totally has my brain, we think the same way, she plans ahead, lays things out.. is deliberate. We are reading Harry Potter together and Harry is just arriving at school and it’s so magical!

Linc with the freckles. Lincoln is really funny, like the stuff he says cracks me up. He is also the King of Time Out, though I think they are occurring less and less. He points with his thumb and his first finger at the same time. Everyday he runs into our room fully dressed with shoes and socks on, ready to go. Not much of a breakfast eater but will eat two PB and J’s for lunch. Also when he uses the bathroom for business he has to take all of his clothes off. Like all of them. The way he talks is so cute, I mean yeah he probably needs major speech therapy but I can totally understand all of his language. He rolls his eyes and teases me and makes stink faces. Still carries cars with him a lot of the time, loves TMNT, playing with his bff Ryder, and being outside. I also overheard him the other day telling his cousins that it’s okay when you die because after three days everyone comes back to earth and it’s really happy. (so cute.)

The kids share a bunk bed now, in Izzie’s room. And the plan is to put a crib in Lincoln’s room and make that the nursery for awhile… I just can’t bring myself to put Thatcher across the house away from me. So he is still in our room where I can hear him breathe and stick his paci in a million times a night. But the big kids sleep in the same room and it’s equal parts adorable and frustrating I think. Isabelle says he makes clicking noise in his sleep. She also says he wakes her up too early. But listening to them chat at night or hearing them play together in the morning… that part is pretty great. There is so much about them at this age that I want to remember.

Thatcher! Little love bug. My constant companion. Six months! Half a year! Joyful, happy little baby. Petite, but strong, has a fuzzy little head. The biggest smile ever. I can hardly think about Thatcher without being tearful because I’m just so thankful for him. Just about this time last year we were tip toeing precariously into the second trimester of my pregnancy and just so nervous. He is due for his six month post, yet another thing I’m behind on. (I’ll get there!)

And Max. Would be celebrating his third birthday next month. Trying to not think about it but also constantly thinking about it.

These days I’m lucky to get a blog post written, much less get the pictures attached. So this is all ya get! In the last little bit we have visited the very full Shasta Dam, Hiked Whiskeytown falls, seen Lego Batman twice. Had lazy Saturdays, been late to church a bunch, spent a lot of time with visiting family. (Cousins!) Linc and Izzie both jumped in the freezing pool this month! We popped down to spend a weekend with Sabs in her new house, and that was SO fun. Had preschool work days, church activities, spring cleaning and chores. I’ve eaten too many of those damn mini cadbury eggs. I just need to NOT buy them, because I have no self control. Well, my one free hour is up! Sleep is calling me….

(Jazz just asked me what I was doing, and when I told him I was writing a blog he said, “Oh about something that happened in January?” Bite me.)

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