Sunday will come

These are my kids! Gah!

I love Easter weekend. The Saturday Easter Egg Hunt at my mom’s always has great weather, my favorite people, yummy food, and happy kids. We’ve had so much rain this year I didn’t know if we would have a good window, but it was GLORIOUS. We spent the whole day outside- the kids swam and played in the splash pad and scootered all day long. We love our cousins! How lucky we are to live close, to enjoy my parents’ amazing back yard, to have so many fun things around, and to honestly enjoy each other’s company. It’s one of my most favorite days of the year- Egg Hunt plus linger longer. Also, I found the golden egg this year, kind of a big deal.

Today was Easter Sunday… I always struggle on Easter Sunday. Totally mixed emotions for me… thinking about the sacrifice of our Savior always humbles me and makes me so thankful that I will see Max again. But also it makes me sad. Sad he isn’t here, sad I don’t get to make a little Easter basket for him, sad I don’t have a three year old running around. This year Easter is really close to Maxwell’s birthday so ALL THE FEELINGS today. I’ve been a weepy mess. Crying makes me tired, and sometimes I just want to hibernate.

This morning after Thatcher’s nap, we somehow all ended up on our big bed together. The kids were trying to make Thatch laugh, I was trying to keep my eyes open. There was this whole quadrant of the bed that was empty, and I thought of Max and how I wished he was there to fill that lil space. On the bed and in my life.

Tender mercies though- having Thatcher around is so joyful. He’s so happy. I’m so happy he is here this year, and that he wore Lincoln’s little overalls to church. So happy we spent the second hour of church in the mother’s lounge feeding and napping. He’s so good for my soul. During the opening hymn I was having a hard time keeping it together and I looked down and right there on Thatcher’s leg was an imprint of the word MAXWELL. My bracelet was squished against Thatcher’s little thigh and it left a mark for a minute…and I knew Max wasn’t far from me. Hi Max.

Anyway, Max is on my mind a whole bunch as we approach his birthday.. more to come on that. And Thatcher’s 7 month update! He’s eating food! And has so many teeth!

best one we got.

This girl is SO much fun. She coordinates her outfits, her hair, her purse, her lip color. Just the best.

The stuff he’s been saying lately keeps me laughing and laughing. Age 5.

my kids have had so much sugar this week.
water was freezing. Also I want to remember that Quinn calls the hot tub- “The hot bathtub”
I give the Easter Bunny like a 6.5/10 this year. 7 if I’m generous. Just off my game. 

I wish Izzie’s dress came in my size. I love it. And Lincoln in the suit is always my favorite. 


My boys.

This talk- I listen to it every year and it brings me so much peace. Turn it on sometime when you are folding laundry.

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