Part Two

Disney trip, part two.
I think this was Thursday? Feels a little bit blurry. Early morning to California Adventure- the rush to Toy Story Mania before the line got incredibly long. 

are they not the cutest.


Isabelle is the accessory queen. Always has hats/glasses/scarves/jewelry.

Archer LOVES thatcher. Like loves him, wanted to hold him all the time and he would scrunch up his face and say “awwwww baby fatchahhhhh”

the happiest baby

family picture!

 Friday it rained! In all of our days at disney, we have only had a handful of rainy days. I thought it would clear out the park and leave things pretty empty but naw, not so much.


spent one million dollars on ponchos

We made it through the week, we maxed out our days, we partied hard and everyone slept really well. I think the best part was seeing all my siblings! We tried hard to get a picture but we were hardly ever in the same place, so many babies and kids and it just didn’t happen. Next time for sure!

One night, someone ran to Cheesecake factory and grabbed all of our favorite slices of cheesecake. Most of adults sat in the lobby of the hotel after the kids all went to bed. It felt like cheating, it was so fun! I miss my siblings, some of them live far away and that’s hard.

Anyway. Isabelle and Lincoln loved riding the big rides- they did Space and Splash and Racers. I think their favorite is Goofy’s Flight School though, honestly they could do that one a hundred times. They also LOVE to meet the characters and get their picture taken. Isabelle has an autograph book and is trying her hardest to get all of her favorite people to sign it. My kids are like big kids, like real people and they have major personalities and I like them. I like hanging out with them, they are so funny. Lincoln is just a HAM he is so hilarious and Isabelle is so sweet and helpful. It’s so cute to see the kids with their cousins, sharing and chatting and also fighting and throwing fits. Disney wouldn’t be disney without a few fits. (For us, it was Lincoln refusing to wear a poncho. Epic.) Even with the rain it was pretty magical and we were SAD to leave.

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