Disney download, part 1.

Well Beth called me out at church today for “not posting very often” so today is the day! I’m posting, Beth!

Alright so let me tell you a lil story real quick like.

Ten days before our planned Disney trip last month- I was bending over to put the baby’s paci back in as he was falling asleep for nap. It was Friday, the big kids were at school. I had my workout clothes on to hop on the treadmill while he slept. As I bent over, something popped and I legit could not move. I panicked! I couldn’t get to my phone, I was in so much pain, the phone was in the other room. Bless Thatcher, I couldn’t reach him, he fussed for a lil bit and fell asleep. It took me about 15 minutes to get to my phone in the living room. I called Jazz and my mom and said HELP- I’ve thrown out my back. Never done anything like that before and I was honestly afraid to move an inch It was so miserable, I couldn’t lay down or sit up or move without crying. I even slept on the couch that night and we all know how much I love my bed, so saying that I couldn’t get up and get in my bed was a big deal.

I thought I would be good to go after a few days of rest. That weekend I could hardly move at all though!  Jazz had to bring me the baby to me so I could nurse laying down. I cried a lot, felt like a huge baby, I literally did nothing but watch tv and sulk.

By Monday I still wasn’t better. Everyone drove my kids around town, my mom came over and picked me up so she could take care of Thatcher. I couldn’t lift him. I couldn’t sit up. I couldn’t change a diaper or shower on my own. It was pretty miserable! I finally got desperate and took muscle relaxers. DESPERATE.

I was feeling a little bit better by Friday- a whole week after I threw it out, five days of around the clock meds. I had a therapy session for my back and then I went to Target by myself for some last minute trip things- my first time out of the house in over a week. Guys, I could barely walk around my favorite shopping center without wanting to die. I came home, collapsed on the couch and CRIED. I knew I couldn’t do disneyland. I knew I couldn’t pack, drive ten hours, then walk nine miles a day for five days. With a five month old in tow. Impossible. I was so frustrated and discouraged, even the smallest things took a real effort and it was exhausting.

You know how much we love Disney, and this trip was planned for months and months. I had been so looking forward to taking Thatcher to our favorite place on earth, and I know this is silly but I wanted so badly to baby wear him all over that park. It is my FAVORITE. That night, Jazz and my Dad gave me a blessing and we decided to sleep on it and see how we felt the next day.

Saturday I woke up and said- okay, I’m just going to do as much as I can. Pack a little here, lay down. Clean that up, lay down. Pretty soon we were all packed. The house was a tornado mess, and I would normally never leave it in such a state but I had no choice. Jazz had this awesome plan to rent a little scooter for me so I could zip around the park! On Sunday we drove the ten hours south. It wasn’t pretty but we made it and I hobbled up to our room.

ANYWAY. Long story still sort of long, we had a fantastic trip, so fun, so glad I went. I did use the moby the whole week and was very sore and stiff but I didn’t miss it! I was so happy to be there. And Thatcher was delightful, it was so fun to be toting a baby around again. We had glorious weather and my WHOLE family was there and yeah it was a totally different trip for me but also, my happiest place on earth. I will not take having a healthy body for granted again!

Linc and Margs are bffffffs

kids are fun.

every morning Isabelle made her bed, set out her clothes, and made a todo list of rides. I’ve never been so proud.

what dinner with a million kids looks like

So everyday we walked to the park (all 25 of us) I drove my sweet ride, scott made minimal comments making fun of me. I would just zip around to the baby center to nurse or whatever. My big kids rode rides with Jazz and all of their uncles and aunts, grandma and grandpa.We mass organized packed lunches this trip- everyone made their own sandwiches. One family brought the gogurts, one family brought chips, one family did fruit, dessert, etc. It worked out so well. Strength in numbers.

little cousin besties

happy baby

accidental matching!

dress up day. it’s my fav. 

this baby. good as gold. he’s perfect.

post splash. his fav

There was one moment at the park, Wednesday evening I think. It was twilight, we were meeting at my favorite Mexican place, each little family sat at a table and organized their dinner. Thatcher needed a nap and I wrapped him up, probably against my better judgment, and he fell right to sleep. I was so genuinely happy. There was a time I never thought I would have that kind of joy again, like I would just be faking it and going through the motions. But I was so incredibly happy and I just teared up SO THANKFUL for all of my blessings, for making it down to disney, for the warm baby cuddled against me, for my extended family and their children. Cousins and churros and disney music playing in the background. It was the only time I got to wear Thatcher that whole week, and that one hour was the best I felt the whole week.

That’s the end! Lol cmon you know me better than that. Part two coming.

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