Thatcher James, month five

Five months with Thatcher! aka The Happiest Baby in ALL THE LAND. This is the most dangerous kind of baby because it makes you want about a hundred more. A hundred!

At five months:
     -Rolls front to back, back to front
     -Wears mostly 6 month clothes, size 3 diapers
     -Has two tiny little shark teeth
     -Wakes to eat once at night
     -Has the cutest little thigh rolls. Nom nom nom.
     -Loves watching his siblings slash Bitzer the dog
     -Reaches for and holds toys in tiny baby fists
     -When he bathes he looks like michael flatley
     -Has lashes would make any girl envious
     -His hair is fluffing in
     -Immediately flips if I set him on his tummy

I think Thatcher is tall and skinny. He doesn’t have a well check for another two weeks (I suck, I’m behind) but he definitely isn’t as beefy as Lincoln was at this age. Long and lean, I’m assuming from all the wiggling and ab exercises he has been doing. He is kind of petite, narrow little shoulders and this teeny little bum. He loves being in the tub, splashes forever. He is extra ticklish when he is tired. Thatcher is such a sweetie pie–he goes to sleep so easily, he hardly fusses, even when he is cutting teeth. He is so soft and he smells good and I love him so much. I mean, this kid was cream of the crop in heaven before he was sent down to us, hand picked.

Thinking about this time last year, we weren’t sure if my pregnancy was viable, we didn’t know if he would be healthy, or if I would carry to term. And now he’s here, and he is more full and happy and wonderful than I ever imagined he would be. So many prayers were heard and answered with this little baby of ours and not a day goes by I am not thankful for this huge blessing. It sounds kind of cliche and mushy but I just get overwhelmed with happiness and joy and light when for a long time I couldn’t imagine feeling that way ever again. His little giggle is just MY FAVORITE sound right now and I’m sorry because he can never grow up or move away. Let alone transition across the house to his own bedroom. Five months have been so happy with this little ball of JOY in our house. He makes everything better.

sometimes I just don’t put him down.

my favorite. wear all the babies.

Last week, Thatcher woke up early from his nap so I grabbed him and laid him in my bed for a minute and he went right back to sleep. Linc came in, crawled under the covers and fell asleep in about ten seconds flat. Probably a once in a lifetime situation so I had to document. 

his tiny fingers holding my shirt.

lol this makes me laugh.

ohhhh this face and those cheeks and tiny pursed lips.

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