early december

I bet hurry and get our Christmas posts up, this is embarrassing.

Early December! We started Light the World with the kids. It was a program put on by our world wide church- the focus was to do something good or kind the whole month of December. Each day there was a different prompt or idea. We tried really hard to get them in! Some days better than others. We wrote down what we did and hung the papers on our sparkly tree on our dinner table. Anyway, the first day we participated, we decided to make cookies for our neighbors. I wrote this on instagram:

“I planned to have magical afternoon making cookies together for the #LIGHTtheWORLD program the church is doing- 25 days of service in December. I ended up using my MOM VOICE and sending both kids to their rooms for “quiet time” while I scooped cookie dough one handed. #whiners. We rallied though, finished our cookies and cards and delivered them to our neighbors and friends while Thatcher yelled in protest from his car seat. But we made it! Sometimes it’s less magic and more “in the trenches” kind of stuff, ya know? 👊🏼 for making it through the week.”

Lol. It didn’t go perfectly, but we did it, and we felt better after. The whole month we worked on service and it was a great way to focus on the Savior and less on the commercial side of Christmas. At the end of the month, our little tree was covered in little acts of service we had performed for our friends and family! I think it’s going to be a new tradition. 

delivery elves
the kids went through the pantry to find things to donate to their school’s food drive.
It was adorable.
Linc even shared his fruit snacks.
(Also yeah that’s a bobby pin in Lincon’s hair.
Pin it, spray, take it out ten minutes later. The hair swoop stays.)

work day at preschool! He loves it so much.
just the happiest best baby on the block
Ward Party! Was a little bit crazy for a number of reasons but I’m SO THANKFUL for my family because they really rally when needed. My dad sliced ham for hours, my mom decorated all day… we had so much help and it went smoothly and we had enough food! Hallelujah! I was happy when it was over.

just my cute handsome boys
crazy hair day
“but not too crazy, mom.”

One day, Scott rented a big lift down to the office so he could change out some exterior light bulbs. We went down and he took the kids for a ride. Don’t tell OSHA. 
blue matching matching squared
This just made me laugh- Linc found a bunch of yarn and brought it over to make Thatcher some hair. 

Hello I am sitting in this chair like a boss but also like a super cute boss.

coming next: christmas festivities! yay!

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