Well, the holidays blew right by and now it’s a new month and a new year. I’m not sorry I haven’t kept up- seriously the month of December was like me treading water and barely staying afloat. SO MUCH OF EVERYTHING. But we made it! Now I have to figure out how to catch up, get all the pictures off my icloud and organize them. I didn’t take a SINGLE picture with my nice camera. NOT ONE. 

Izzie had a dance recital. We participated in the Light the World campaign. Thatcher continues to be freakin adorable, he turned three months, I failed to take pictures, and he rolled over for the first time.  I became a distributor for Lipsense and I’m sort of obsessed with it. Also, I saw Moana on a random Tuesday morning with Thatcher and a turkey sandwich. That was fun. We pulled off the ward party at church and had enough food! Lincoln had a super cute Christmas exchange at his preschool.We made gingerbread houses, Christmas cookies, and a variety of homemade ornaments. Linc got to ride way up in the air in a lift down at Grandpa’s work while Scott changed the lightbulbs! I had a cookie exchange night with some lady friends and ended up with way too many cookies but I’m not mad about that. We tried to go to the snow but there was in fact, no snow.  We made Christmas cards for Maxwell and visited his park and cleaned his stone. I baked seven batches of cinnamon rolls in one day.  We prepped for Christmas, got most everything wrapped, sent, delivered. Hair cuts, grocery shopping, dishes, laundry never ending. Christmas Eve was our traditional crab dinner and live nativity. We made it to church Christmas morning! Spent the whole day together as a family. Thatcher caught some sort of bug and had a rough couple of days and nights, bless his little heart. We enjoyed gorgeous weather, rode bikes and scootered around Grandma’s block. Sabrina came with the cousins! We had a mellow New Year’s and were in bed by ten. We survived.
And now, Christmas is down and put away, my kids are back in school, and routines start again. I’m always sad to put the holidays behind me but it feels good to have a fresh everything. I’m determined to catch up here on the blog and in life in general, slowly but surely I’ll get there!
I can’t post just a bunch of words so here’s a cute picture.

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