Here’s Thanksgiving. Was three weeks ago, can hardly remember stuff. What I do remember- food was excellent, people MY FAVS, cousins aplenty. I did not appreciate the terrible colds we all had. Actually it was miserable for a few days- someone please invent something that helps nursing mothers with congestion. Yes I tried the neti-pot. Anyway, we had such a fun week with my sisters in town. I miss them when they are gone and I love when we can all be together again.

Thatcher. Such a sweet happy baby. We love him so much, he makes everything else better. Look at his little gummy smile!

I mean! Really!
Grandpa with 2/8 of his Grandsons
Thanksgiving- we made it! 

Archer was HYSTERICAL with Thatcher. Called him “Fatch-uh” and every time he saw him he said, “awwwww” like with this concerned little eyebrow face, it was my favorite. Always wanted to hold him. 100% sure he has held Thatcher more than Lincoln has.

No Thanksgiving is complete without Auntie Leigh

We watched the Macy’s Day Parade, we had some rest time, and then hopped over to Mom’s early afternoon. Grandpa has a bounce house so the kids spent most of their time upstairs jumping around on that thing. I pretended to help with dinner but mostly just nibbled stuffing and fed the baby on the couch. I am great at those things. My contribution was sweet potatoes.. can’t mess those up so I felt pretty good about that. We all sat down to eat- like 11 adults and 13 kids? I think? The volume alone was immense… we are a party, that’s for sure.

carbs with a size of carbs.

Best part of Thanksgiving is always Grandma’s Bingo right after. Prizes for everyone and things get competitive with the “steal” feature. (#Scott) I wish I took more pictures, but my hands were full and I was enjoying everything. I LOVE the holidays, the traditions, the family time, it’s the best.

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