pre-christmas catch up

Other notable happenings:

We made gingerbread houses. Linc made a shark pool out back. Isabelle was meticulous and careful.

just his lil hands and his elbow pudge and his lips and his cheeks

We hosted a cookie exchange! Which I think we will do every year? It was fun to try a bunch of different cookies and see my girl friends for a few hours. Then everyone left with a couple dozen to snack on or pass around to neighbors.

The girls at their Christmas dance recital and got to wear special makeup. SO CUTE. They are so cute.

Thatch had his first santa experience. No prob.

We spent one Saturday morning making Christmas cards for Max. Isabelle wrote Dear Maxwell, How is Christmas in heaven? How are you? Oh, and Merry Christmas! I wish I took a picture of the back, it was the cutest little picture. I love her. Linc wrote, “Dear Max what is heaven like? Love you. love, Lincoln. I was feeling very overwhelmed with the absence of Max this year, and doing something to remember him always makes me feel better. We laminated our cards and spent some time at Max’s Park cleaning his stone and bench off. 

iphone timer for the win! this makes me happy and also it hurts a little bit

It was our first time with Thatcher, and I guess it was more emotional than I thought it would be! That’s how grief works, you never know when it’s going to come and go. It’s so hard to sit on that bench and hold my wiggly four month old and know that underneath that big pile of cold ground is a little white box with the body of my baby in it. That never gets less painful. Max is never far from my mind… I’ve visited his grave so many times over the past 2 1/2 years and envisioned what it would be like to bring our new baby there. I sat and begged Max to send down a brother or sister, desperately prayed for our family. Thatcher has been so good for my soul, and I know that Max will always play a part in our earthly family… even if it’s just Saturday mornings spent at his park. Always so renewing to visit his little spot.

1 thought on “pre-christmas catch up

  1. Beautiful year you have had sweet lady! Linc is growing up so much and Isabelle is becoming quite the lady. Enjoy them and That – he is quite delicious! Kim Bradley Finch, Chattahoochee, FL


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