Isabelle and her little ballet pals had a fall dance review a couple weeks ago. It’s just the best. You go and watch them do class and then they have a performance they have been working on for weeks and weeks. Maybe when I get more organized I’ll upload the video, because it’s SO CUTE slash funny. They were so proud of themselves, as they should be. It’s 3+ minutes long, and they are 5-8 years old. 

Then we had spooky donuts and cookies. 
I think the girls love ballet because Grandma is there. She makes everything more fun- she picks them up on Thursdays… they go home and change, have a warm homemade cookie, then they go to dance class. It’s a pretty sweet deal they have. Isabelle is so funny at class- she yawns, she hugs grandma, she chit chats. It’s social hour for her.

best cousin friends

I believe Grandma told them to make a “stank face”

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