general odds and ends.

Here is the junk drawer of blog posts. Things you need, but don’t necessarily require their own drawer.

End of season soccer pictures. Soccer was just so hilarious. Four on four, no goalie, just a pack of kids running amok. I think Linc had a good time? He scored one goal the whole year, and I’m serious when I say I’m pretty sure they didn’t win a single game.

his “frophy”

Not to be left out, here is Isabelle’s first grade picture. Love her. Just had her parent teacher conference today and it was excellent across the board. So proud of her! She has recently turned the corner on reading and loves to read chapter books and check things harder things out from the library.

Our standing Friday morning date at Target. He snoozes, I shop.
He refused to wash this off before bed.

And she insisted on washing this off before bed. 

Sunday best. I love their different skin colors.
his cheek all squished!
this happens a lot.

not enough dad pictures here


We voted! In the rain with two kids, but we did it.

Our neighborhood is full of these big trees with the best leaves. We took it upon ourselves to stomp around.

 That is all. We are happy.

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