Halloween n stuff

Halloween! It was on a Monday. Not ideal, but it worked. We actually crashed the trunk or treat across town on Saturday with our cousins which was really fun. The kids loved running from car to car getting all of their treats.
this is my favorite costume ever. the blow up pack was hilarious.
all about the sword.

They are the cutest.

A rare paci sighting at the trunk or treat
I am so happy to have a little baby this year for all the holidays. 
baby slimer

sabs photobomb. and baby chinssssss.

Mom is the skeleton from Hocus Pocus – I Put a Spell on You. 
can you see how soft his skin is. it is so soft.

best one we got. blurry, half looking, and we’ll take it.

Me and thatcher lasted about twenty minutes outside and then it started raining so we abandoned ship for Mom’s house. She always does a big sloppy joe dinner and people come by and take pictures with her and it’s so fun. Halloween is her favorite holiday and you can just tell. Her house is bedazzled, she has skeletons on her roof, and she always comes up with a great costume. My favorite part of Halloween is after it’s over and the kids sit down and sort their candy. That was for sure my favorite part as a kid. Prioritize, trade away nuts, eat the peanut butter.
Morgan snapped this and I stole it because LOLOL. Morgan as Esmerelda from Hunchback, possible the worst disney movie ever created. Sean as a woman? Scott as the phantom? The 90’s were so cool. Of course you can’t miss me as the cowardly lion (some friends went as the wizard of oz peeps), pretty sure I won that medal from some sort of dork event such as odyssey of the mind or DARE camp… and Sabrina as a witch. Does Isabelle not look exactly like Sabrina? Just me?

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