pumpkin patching and other halloween activities.

I AM SO BEHIND. Ugh it’s my favorite season and all the festivities happening and I just can’t keep up. Thatcher is a EATER. And despite my best efforts, he doesn’t really take a paci. And I wish he did because I am feeling a little bit like a human pacifier these days. Super glad he is nursing well but dude take it down a notch. (Totally accepting suggestions on getting him to take a pacifier. Except “Try a different kind!” cause oh really please tell me more.)

Alright let’s cover Halloween really quickly before it’s Christmas. Pumpkin Patch slash Lincoln’s preschool harvest festival. Isabelle’s harvest festival was rainy so we skipped and she had a movie night at her cousins. Win/win.

We hit the pumpkin patch with the whole fam first thing on a Saturday morning. The nice thing about having kids is they get up early, and you can beat the crowds. This was one of our first outings with Thatcher and I wasn’t sure how it would go, but he did great. You sort of have to lower your expectations a little bit… there was no time for a perfect little pumpkin photo shoot. It was hot, kids got hungry, Thatcher got hungry. Picked some pumpkins, rode the train, did a couple activities and done. I laugh at myself because a few years ago I would have lugged my big camera all around that farm trying to get good pictures of all three kids together. Now I’m just glad I don’t lose them.

8, 7, 6, 4.5, 3.5, 1
Lazy kids

At the cornmaze

The one! Lol actually she switched it like five times after this.
really done having his picture taken

okay okay there’s a good one 

The kids were really cute, they each picked their own pumpkins and then picked little ones for Thatcher and Maxwell. They are still out on my front porch and they make me happy. I like our pumpkin patch tradition and I hope we keep doing it. Farms are fun. I am so tired right now I am making none sense. Farms are fun? Yikes.

Lincoln had a little harvest festival at his preschool. They set up all these activities and you win prizes and then we had a little parade with all the kids in their costumes. Lincoln wanted to be a ninja turtle, not just any but the blue one obviously. There is no way to make a ninja turtle not cheesy so we just embraced it and shelled out cash at target for this beauty. The mask makes me laugh because Linc didn’t have to smile at all he just wore that thing everywhere.

proof I still exist. And there is Thatcher’s head. and Linc has the best smile ever.

AND THEN EVEN MORE HALLOWEEN. We carved pumpkins, because it isn’t halloween without gourd guts crusted to my kitchen floor. Not that the kids touch the guts because POISON but it’s still fun. I observed from the other room with Thatcher constantly eating.

seriously, gloves?
That tiny bit of goo on Lincoln’s hand caused major tears. GET IT OFF. 

I put this on instagram because remember when we were kids? And we had like a rusty jankity kitchen knife and an old measuring cup with no handle and we just made it work? Our kids are pansys.

It felt like a busy two weeks, and I know it’s because we have a million things to do and I have an adorable yet needy newborn and some day we will carve pumpkins all together and it will be peaceful. That was not this year. Okay, coming soon: Halloween, Isabelle’s dance review and Thatcher’s blessing day. I told you it’s been busy!
I’m not even gonna spell check this, rollin’ the dice! Livin’ on the edge! Ugh go to sleep Micci.

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