Blessing Day

Our little sweetie pie was given a name and a blessing at church a few weeks ago. I was determined not to have a repeat of Lincoln’s blessing day (horribly rushed morning, hilarious snafoos, almost missed it completely) so I made sure I was prepared to be there ON TIME. Without yelling. Or crying.
Jazz had to teach second hour, I had to teach Relief Society after that, so we prepped our lessons in advance. Saturday night I made sure I got out anything that needed to be ironed, and after I got Thatcher to bed I got the iron out to press Lincoln’s white shirt. Of course, as soon as I touched the iron to the white, it was horribly stained from the dirty iron and I had to throw the shirt in the washer, dryer, clean the iron and THEN iron Lincoln’s shirt. I had a terrible cold and a face headache and I just wanted the day to be over.
And then morning came. And Thatcher had slept so well. We got everyone ready. No one cried. I had time to wash my hair. And put lipstick on! We were there early, it was a blessing-day miracle. Jazz got the baby dressed while I did Isabelle’s hair and lol I went to put the baby in the carseat and I noticed the outfit was on completely backwards. Love you honey. 
Anyway. We sat down and a lot of our family was there. The cousins were trying hard to be reverent but were sort of hopping between a couple of pews. Thatch was fussy and I took him to the back to shush him before handing him off to Jazz for the blessing. A few of the important men in our lives stood in a circle, and using the priesthood, laid their hands on this little miracle baby of ours and Jazz gave the most beautiful blessing. Sweet and thoughtful. Of course I just sat and cried. I could hardly keep from ugly sobbing, just SO THANKFUL for this day and for this baby and for this family I couldn’t contain it. 
And I thought of my Max. Who never had a blessing day. We buried him in his white blessing outfit- a one piece long sleeved cable knit jump suit. It was the last time I saw him and held him, all dressed in white. 
I wasn’t sure we would ever get a happy day like this again on this earth. But Thatch looked happy and warm and pink, so different but so similar. 
Thatcher James- we are so glad you are here. We love you SO much. Our hearts are full. We had such a good day celebrating your little life. 

his little face!

half smile!

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