aaaaand we’re back to school.

Am I the only one that thinks school starts earlier and earlier every year? What happened to post-labor day? That was nice. Isabelle started first grade on Wednesday and had a really smooth week. same school, same little friends, same schedule. Me getting up early is not as smooth… it always takes me awhile to adjust from summer to alarm at 6:20 get up, get going, hurry hurry out the door. Lincoln is really missing his pal though… the first couple of days he just moped around and said, “I miss Belle. When is she done with school. I miss her.” Linc is the only one that Isabelle permits to call her “belle.” It’s really sweet. Truth be told I miss Isabelle too- one because shes a sweetie pie, easy and she makes everything fun, and two because she and Linc are great little playmates. One kid = more work than two at this stage.

Schedule is good for us, we always do better with a routine. Linc will start school soon. Then we will have a baby! I will say… I could do without the heat. I’m done. Being this pregnant this late in the summer…. I’m over it. 105 everyday just makes it hard to go run errands/play outside/do school pick up. Unloading groceries = my workout.

Anyway, I did a little interview of Isabelle so I can remember a few of her favorites things at the beginning of first grade.

What is your teacher like? She’s nice.
Favorite color? Purple and Pink and teal, don’t forget teal.
Favorite subject? Doing activities and art.
Favorite food? Beans and cheese.
Favorite dessert? Ice cream, actually I want it to be Rita’s. Rita’s with ice cream on top.
Favorite book? Black Beauty
Favorite movie? Barbie Fly Squad (it’s actually SPY squad but no one tell her)
Favorite toy game? Eye Found It the card game.
What do you want to be when you grow up? Hair stylist.
Who’s your best friend? Keelin. Jane. And Madilyn and Kira.
Favorite thing to do as a family? Play marioparty and play with Bitzer.
Where do yo want to go visit? Uhhhh. I like to visit Grandma’s house mostly. Disneyland, does that count?
Favorite Season? Fall, cause that’s my birthday and it’s the best when it’s fall.
Favorite thing that mom makes? Peach Jam when it’s warm.
Favorite thing to play with Linc? Magformers
Favorite restaurant? Burrito!
Favorite lunch? Snack lunch.
Most excited for when the baby comes? To hold him. Probably not change his diaper though.
Favorite summer memory? Probably going to whiskeytown beach.
Favorite thing to do with mom? Play american girl dolls and go on dates.
Favorite thing to do with dad? Go on dates cause I love doing that with him and playing tickle.

The night before school started, we were gathering Isabelle’s backpack and lunch box and making sure she had everything. She said, “Mom cmere I have a secret!” She zipped open a little pouch on the front of her lunch box and she said, “See look I saved all of your notes!” And inside the little pocket were a bunch of the notes I stuck on her napkin in her lunchbox everyday for the last school year. And I nearly cried, what in the world did I do to deserve the SWEETEST most ADORABLE little girl in the whole entire world. Isabelle, we love you.

1 thought on “aaaaand we’re back to school.

  1. The notes are my fave! Not only that she kept them, but that you wrote them. Hope you are great, I don't read blogs much these days, so glad to catch up.Love you all!


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