late summer post

The last couple of weeks of summer we had cousins coming and going. My kids think it’s so great when we have family in town- this summer we were sort of limited on our traveling options aka we were stuck at home.. so we LOVED having visitors.

Grandma Bobbie visited for a weekend with Dayton and Ellie. My kids absolutely love them… Linc has no idea that Dayton is a good nine years older than him, they were just buddies. And pretty sure my kids wanted Ellie to move here forever.

just playing makeup. regular life.
we did LOTS and LOTS of swimming
Church day

We only got a weekend with our Utah cousins and wished we had more time with them! Or that Nevada didn’t exist. That Utah drive would be so much easier without Nevada in the way.

The day that Ellie and Dayton left, Morgan flew in with Margo and Archer. I wish you could all see Margo and Linc together. They pick up right where they left off…like long lost best friends. If I left a bowl of fishes and a couple water bottles out, they wouldn’t need any adults around. They are SO cute together. And Archer is just the sweetest little kid. He calls me “mimi” and I love it.

pop in to Grandpa’s work for a little treat.

It’s sort of a circus since our family is only getting bigger and bigger… We take turns cooking dinner and bless mom because that woman just constantly cleans up after us. She is amazing. We have big communal bath tubs at the end of the night, rotating kids through, scrubbing the sunscreen off of their little bodies. I love these little kids so much. 

Also. This is Isabelle’s one surviving watermelon. She was so excited to have three little melons growing this spring… they take forever. One melon cracked open from too much water? Or something? And I accidentally killed one melon when I was weeding one day… just ripped out some weeds and didn’t notice the vine was tangled up in them. I felt terrible. All our hopes and dreams hung on the ONE remaining melon. We waited and waited to pick it and when we finally did I was so nervous it wasn’t going to be ripe. but it was! And we all ate it for dinner and Isabelle was so proud of her one little watermelon. 

my little swim buddies!

Sabrina was here last week with her kids… I saw all of my siblings this summer and all of the Sumsion cousins! We had so much fun and my kids don’t really understand why they can’t all live here all the time. Little do they know of my secret plan to all live on the same street someday…. mwahaha.  Sabrina actually just moved to Elk Grove south of Sac so she is much closer!

I think that is all of our visitors for now… summer is sort of over and school is in full swing and pretty soon we are gonna have a new little baby here! 

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