peach pickin’

Last week I was visiting with my friend Jill and we were talking about we have a hard time doing things outside of our comfort zone. Aka, trying new things. Do you know what I mean? I really like adventures, just me and my little posse, I love roadtrips and weekends away and of course always always always Disneyland. I’m always a bit hesitant to change, I dislike the uncertainty of new things, and sometimes I’d rather SKIP out. Especially if it is going to be hot. I hate being hot.
Then I had kids. And my fear of trying new things sort of had to take a back seat to entertaining/teaching/raising these precious little babies. I can still call them babies, it’s fine. The day after our little conversation, Jill texted me and said let’s go to the farm! And pick fruit! We don’t know what we are doing! 
So we spent some time out at Serendipity Farms in Anderson, picking not quite ripe peaches and looking at the farm animals.  Guys, it was hot… and I’m preeeeeeetty pregnant these days… but we went and we had a really good time. We saw these huuuuuuge fruit spiders in the center of really impressive webs.. Linc immediately asked, “where’s templeton!?” (We just finished Charlotte’s Web this week and it was fresh on his mind.) We saw all different kids of fruit and nut trees, the kids even got to pick some and sample them right off the branches. We talked about how the trees grow and whe the fruit is ready to be picked- what makes good fruit and what makes not so good fruit.
The goal was to be able to make a batch of peach jam when we got home, but most of the peaches we found weren’t quite ripe. Luckily for us, a friend brought over a bunch of fresh peaches from her yard in a cute little box for my birthday. We ate half immediately, and then we made freezer jam together.

I love this kid. She is so much fun and so easy going. 

Izzie and LaNea are a couple weeks apart, Linc and Zoe are just days apart!
I loved this old scale- she said it was from a butchers shop that closed. Also that lady was basically Mrs. Zuckerman.

I hope my kids will learn that being uncomfortable is okay. Going outside of our comfort zone is okay. Being hot is okay. That’s how we learn! And grow! These kids are so mold-able right now, they soak everything up like a sponge and I know it’s so important for me to take them OUT and do things that I know nothing about. Our summer bucket list has been really great for new and old activities to fill our days during the summer. This time is going so quickly! School starts in 2.5 weeks. 17 more days of summer together until we start the shift back into schedules and homework and early mornings. I’m so thankful that this is my job- peach picking and splash pads and peanut butter sandwiches with the crust cut off. I’m sure I do my fair share of complaining, sometimes the days are long and repetitive… but I am genuinely grateful that I get to do this stuff everyday. These kids are my favorite kind of life.
Now we know where to go and what to do next time we want to pick fruit.. I’m thinking apple picking for fall. Thanks for the nudge, Jill!

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