update on Bitz

Bitzer is 8 months old now. He seems huge to me, like he was a tiny puppy for a few weeks and then bam he is an adult dog. He is 25 pounds. Max for this breed should be about 24-25 pounds so yeah he is on the big side… We knew he would be- he was the biggest in the litter. Chunky little guy. We’ve had him in our house for six months now and we really love him. I mean, we don’t love that he chews literally everything in sight, but we love his little personality and his soft fur and his wrinkly head.

Let’s start with good things. Bitzer is crate trained! Which is really convenient and nice. He sleeps in his crate from about 10-7 without making a peep usually. At night when he comes in from outside, he knows its bedtime and heads for his bed without a fuss. Also, he is house trained. We have been accident free for a long while now and I’m so thankful that part of dog training is over. Like having a newborn, I swear, we had to watch him like a hawk. If we are not home, he is in the yard or in the crate. No exceptions. (I dog sat for my Aunt once, and they had a box terrier (I think) and we left the dog in the house while we went to church and he ate the back of the couch. Like ate huge holes in the leather and then pulled out all the stuffing- it looked like it snowed. I felt terrible. )

Bitzer is super smart, super fast, super sneaky. I can’t catch him when he sprints from me. Food is his love language, I can always bribe him to get outside or in his crate or to spit out the stuffed animal. Oh, also he can open all of our doors- he just uses his little raptor hands to slide the handle down. This house is more baby proofed now than it ever was for my own human babies. He is really good with the kids- Linc can get a little rough and Bitzer doesn’t mind.

Alright. The not so good things. Bitzer eats everything. Anything on the floor. Anything he can reach on the counter. He is so surprisingly tall! Shoes, legos, blankets, tags, garbage, toilet paper. Anything. Aaaaand he is still nippy- he does bite the kids occasionally when they are playing. Not Izzie so much, but Linc.

The problem with Bitzer eating things is that things are always on the floor- hi we have kids- so he can’t be inside unless everything is picked up. Or he goes in the crate. It’s summer, it’s plenty warm so he is fine outside, but he WANTS to come in and play. This week it is over 110 degrees and I can’t leave him out during the crazy hot hours. We needed a solution.

So we bought him a muzzle. Guys, this is a real thing. Amazon. It’s a soft little silicone muzzle, he can still breathe and drink water. But he can’t eat legos. Or flip flops. Judge me if you want, but desperate times, desperate measures. We are just trying to teach him that he can’t chew in the house… and then he can be inside with us while the kids have their toys out. WHATEVER.

doesn’t he look happy
Here’s the thing. We put his little duck muzzle on him, and it’s like a tranquilizer. His hyper dog stuff mellows and he just lays with us during the hot afternoon when we are watching a show or having rest time. So he has it on for awhile, and then he chills out, and we take it off, and he does fine. I’m sure this is not the appropriate way to train him like a Real Dog but it’s working pretty well for us and I’m gonna go with it. 

hes super cute when he is sleeps like a cinnamon roll.
bitzers goal when we walk is to pull as hard as he can while wrapping around me like a burrito.

Anyway. The verdict is YES we are still glad we got a dog. The kids love him. I’m pretty fond of him. He is SO SOFT. I’m thinking that once he grows out of the puppy stuff he will be a perfect spunky family dog. I know I’m going to read this later and LOL at how dumb I sound. That’s okay.

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